Jane Ann Poole

Jane Ann (Mitchell) Poole went to heaven Thursday morning Sept. 16, 2021.

Her son Skylar was with her that day. Jane was the most loving type of person. She always put others before her own needs. She was a very selfless person. She believed in god and had strong faith in his word. She believed in giving love to everyone and she was always the best person to talk to. She would listen to all life’s tribulations and never judged anyone on their life’s journeys.

She was a great mother of three boys Justin Elshire, Brandon Poole and  Skylar Poole.

She wanted the best for everyone in her life and always gave all she could all the time. Her journey on this earth ended when Jane had heart complications and her heart of gold could no longer beat anymore.

She was a great grandmother to her 6-month-old baby Cade Weston Poole. She loved him more than anything in the world and that was one of the last things she did was love him. She was a strong willed person and always wanted to do right by god and her family.

Jane was 65 years of age and lived a long happy life with her friends and family. She was always happy and made others happy every day. She was cremated and her life was celebrated with her family, friends and god on Friday, Sept. 24, 2021.

Chaplain Dale Piers and the family said many prayers in the honor of Janes beautiful life and rejoiced together celebrating her life and the time she all spent with us. She was an amazing woman that will never ever be forgotten. 

Posted on 2021 Oct 05