Alyssa's living a dream




















By Joseph Slacian

When she was 11 years old, Alyssa McKillip showed swine at the Indiana State Fair for the first time.

During a break in the action, her family took a walk outside when they happened to bump into Indiana State Fair Queen Mariah Huff and her court.

McKillip and her brother, Brandon, had their picture taken with them. That photo sparked something in her. Call it what you will -- a dream, a hope, a wish, a desire -- to one day wear the crown and sash and reign over the fair.

“I just remember meeting her that day,” she said, sitting in a room in the State Fairground’s Communications Building, her headquarters during the 18-day run of the fair. “Without even seeing that picture, we just found the picture the other day, I knew exactly what I wore that day. It was just a vivid memory.

“From that point forward, I always wanted to be the State Fair Queen. I never really knew what she represented. I just knew at that point that she had a pretty crown. That was enough for me at that time.

Posted on 2022 Aug 18