7th grade Lady Squires win Tipp Valley Tournament

The Manchester 7th Grade Lady Squires competed in the Tippecanoe Valley Invitational Tournament on Saturday.  In the first game of the day, the Lady Squires defeated Triton 17-10. 

Emma West led the scoring with 5 points.

Kennedy Fierstos, Carsyn Howard, and Kasi Casper each added 4 points.

Then, in game 2, the Lady Squires took on the host Vikings.  In a closely fought battle, the 7th Grade Lady Squires came away with the championship by a winning score of 17-16.

Carsyn Howard and Kasi Casper each scored 6 points.

Kennedy Fierstos and Jirni Cripe chipped in 2 points each.

Emma West had 1 point.

The Lady Squires improve their record on the year to 6 wins versus 2 losses.

Posted on 2014 Feb 18