Wabash County high school basketball on Wabash WebTV

By Bill Barrows

To say that the artic deep freeze that we have experienced over the past couple of weeks has caused chaos with the high school basketball schedule, let alone the school schedule, is a huge understatement. So, I guess I will continue my stories to the kids about walking to school as a child through two feel of snow uphill both ways until spring. Oh, and here is the updated schedule for basketball games this week.

We begin with games on Tuesday, unless Mother Nature says otherwise. The Lady Knights of Southwood travel to Southern Wells for a non-conference game. The Lady Squires of North Manchester travel up to Triton and the Wabash boys will play at the Lakeland Christian Academy. On Wednesday, there will be a TRC game that is  a re-schedule from December, pitting the Lady Apaches of Wabash against Rochester at home. Wabash WebTV will be there to bring you all the action from Wabash on Wednesday, Jan. 29 starting at approximately 7:15 p.m.

Thursday’s lone match up is also a game that has now been rescheduled twice. Another TRC contest that has the Lady Apaches traveling to face the Lady Knights at Southwood.

Four TRC boys’ match ups highlight Friday night’s action. North Miami hosts Southwood, Wabash makes the trek to Whitko, Northfield heads up to Rochester and Manchester travels to Tipp Valley.

On Saturday, it’s the same match ups in opposite venues for the opposite gender. Whitko will travel to Wabash, the Lady Knights will host North Miami and the Lady Squires host Tipp Valley. Those are all evening contests and all three of those games are also important TRC games. The other girls TRC game is Saturday at noon, where the Wabash WebTV crew will be on the air to bring you the action when Rochester comes to Norse Country. The Harness Boys, Rick and Tim, will do the honors on the web.

Two other games on the boys docket are scheduled for Saturday evening. Manchester will be at Tri Central, while Huntington North travels to Northfield. Wabash WebTV will bring you the action from Northfield starting at approximately 7:15 p.m.

Next Tuesday, Wabash WebTV will be at Wabash High School for a boys’ game as Southwood visits for a TRC match up that was rescheduled from earlier this month.

Join Wabash WebTV for exciting action of Indiana High School basketball. If you are at a game or cannot watch it live, an archive of the featured game is available on the website shortly after the completion of the games.

Posted on 2014 Jan 28