TRC All Conference Baseball team announced

by Gary Andrews

Local players to make the TRC All Conference Baseball team were recently announced.

Pitchers were Ryan Keaffaber, Northfield, and Roger Davis, Wabash. Infielders were Collin Dawes, Northfield, Andy Maggart, Northfield, Shea Beauchamp, Wabash, Landon Cole, Wabash, and Isaiah Smith, Wabash.

Local catcher is Andy Roser, Northfield. Outfielders were Evan Olinger, Manchester, Shane Vigar, Northfield, Robbie Cole, Southwood, and Tyler Brewer, Wabash.

Honorable mention includes Adam Roser, Northfield, Joseph Ross, Northfield, Kyle Kelsheimer, Wabash, Grant Sailors, Wabash, Jim Sainsbury, Manchester and Nathan Hollars, Southwood.

Posted on 2013 Jun 17