Apaches top Squires in girls tennis

by Gary Andrews

The Wabash and Manchester girls tennis teams opened their season at Wabash Friday, with the Lady Apaches topping the Lady Squires 4-1.

At number 1 singles Charlie Pardo, Wabash, defeated Laurel Ruppert, Manchester.

At number 2 singles Katie Peden, Manchester, defeated Claire Cromer, Wabash.

At number 3 singles Kristyn Ford, Wabash, defeated Claire Barnet, Manchester.

At number 1 doubles Jordan Rauh and Pratchi Patel, Wabash, defeated Brittany Ogden and Michaela Pattison, Manchester.

At number 2 doubles Abby Stein and Shelby Stone, Wabash, defeated Hayleigh Collett and Reilly Ruppert, Manchester.

In JV action Allison Smith, Manchester, defeated Sarah Ritter, Wabash, at number 1 singles.

Taylor Egts, Wabash, defeated Rachel Chapman, Manchester,  number 2 singles.

Mandy Underwood and Morgan McKee, Manchester, defeated Heather Miller and Rheann Burton, Wabash, at number 1 doubles.

Marieke Van Beek and Sarah Burdette, Manchester, defeated Morgan Peri and Skyler Smith, Wabash, at number 2 doubles.

Posted on 2013 Apr 16