Honeywell Foundation thanks volunteers

by Eric Stearley

More than one hundred volunteers filled Legacy Hall on the evening of April 29 as the Honeywell Foundation thanked its volunteers with dinner, entertainment, and an awards ceremony.

The evening began as volunteers enjoyed a buffet of chicken calabash, baked steak, broccoli salad, Brussels sprouts with bacon, glazed carrots, whipped red skin potatoes with gravy, and a variety of desserts.

As dinner came to an end, the stage came to life with an a cappella quartet composed of Tony Millspaugh, Logan Horn, Lamar Horn, and Garry Texeira. The quartet mixed music with comedy as each member’s stage persona battled with the others for personal attention and order within the group.

After a few words from Volunteer Manager Michelle Campbell, the awards ceremony began. The most anticipated of the many awards was “Volunteer of the Year.”

“In the past, the volunteer of the year was based solely on the number of hours they worked,” said Campbell. “I wanted to change things up a little bit this year, and I wanted to value the volunteers that may not spend as much time here, but still do a lot for the Honeywell Center.”

Richard Tucker was named “Volunteer of the Year,” an announcement that garnered much applause, with one attendee shouting, “Go Richard!” as Tucker made his way to the front.

“This year, the volunteer of the year has gone above and beyond on numerous occasions,” Campbell said before announcing Tucker as the winner. “They have demonstrated their true passion for the Honeywell Foundation, whether they are being an ambassador for local schools, a tour guide for the Honeywell Center, working the many kids’ events, or helping with Christmas decorating. He is willing to jump right in and go without complaints to help where needed.”

In addition to “Volunteer of the Year,” a series of awards were given based on nominations by the volunteers. “Most Sociable” went to Sharon Shuey. Ed Rice won “Most Helpful.” Mona Kilmer was named “Go-To Volunteer.” “Friendliest Volunteer” went to Steve Brubaker, and “The People’s Choice Award” went to Darlene Myers.

A third group of awards were given based on the number of hours spent volunteering. Jean Gilbert was honored for reaching 1,000 hours as a Honeywell Center volunteer. Pat Brubaker and John Gilpin were honored for reaching the 500-hour mark.

Seven individuals were honored for volunteering more than 200 hours in 2013 including: Weldon Coldren, Mary Donna Collins, Diane Eshelman, Vicki Jackson, Darlene Myers, Sally Robbins, and Michael Weibel.

Those honored for volunteering more than 100 hours in 2013 included: Pat Brewer, Paul Browne, Elaine Carter, Jeannie Davis, Chuck Howard, Mona Kilmer, Sue King, Jodi Kotterman, Phyllis Meyer, Richard Tucker, Joyce Willcox, Tom Wilcox, and Mable Yost.

Finally, a large group of volunteers were honored for volunteering at least 50 hours in 2013, including: Priscilla Ballee, Harold Bowman, Pat Brubaker, Lorene Conrad, Dondra Cox, Paula Dyer, Lana Garber, Mae Garrett, Carolyn Gilbert, Ed Gilbert, Jean Gilbert, John Gilpin, Linda Gilpin, Janet Jacobs, Ray Jacobs, Margery Justice, Claralou Martin, Max Martin, Connie McDougle, Carol McVicker, Sunny Neil, Nancy Radabaugh, Ed Rice, Hamilton Sadler, JoAnn Schall, Laura Shaw, Jennifer Shira, Sharon Shuey, William Shuey, Sue Sorrell, Dan Swihart, Orion Toepfer, Fred Weil, Vicki Weil.

All honored volunteers received a special gift from the Honeywell Foundation.

Executive Director Tod Minnich gave a special thanks to Campbell, as well as event sponsor REMC. He also gave a special thanks to the volunteers for putting in so many extra hours to make the Ford Theater’s 20th anniversary celebration a success.

“Am I the only one that’s tired this month? Have we had enough shows right now? It’s hard to believe the Ford Theater has been here for 20 years now,” said Minnich. “We really couldn’t do what we do without your help and support. We thank you and we appreciate what you do throughout the year. Thank you so much for that.”

Posted on 2014 May 13