K&D Resale open for business

by Kalie Ammons

Wabash welcomes another new business this December. K&D Resale, located at 1383 N Cass St behind Mi Pueblo, sells new and used decorative and household items.

Before opening on Dec. 2, Kathy and Dave Stangl, founders of K&D, almost started the company by accident.

“We had the house on the market and we were looking to de-clutter and pack everything away,” said Kathy. “And about a year and a half later we took the house off the market and realized we had 85 boxes of Coke stuff.”

Instead of unloading all of those boxes back into the house, the Stangls took a different approach.

“It was like, gosh, we could open a store,” said Kathy. “And then it was like, we did. We went from the thought to this in two weeks.”

Don’t worry; K&D has much, much more than Coke memorabilia.

“We have a lot of collectibles, some stuff is brand new, still in packages, we have Coca-Cola stuff, M&M stuff, I’ve got Royal Doulton crystal, antique China tea set, coffee cups, lamps, Camel collectibles, VHS, DVDs, CDs, hand towels, Christmas towels, punch bowl sets, furniture…a little bit of everything.”

That just barely touches the surface. Christmas decorations, tables with matching chairs, blankets, end tables and free cookies and coffee also await you inside K&D.

The Stangls take pride in thoroughly cleaning everything before setting on their shelves for sale.

The owners also had some help from family to get the business up and running.

“My sister Carla Hall and my other sister Tina Burger helped out a lot,” said Kathy. “Tina’s the owner of Downtown Divas and she’s given us some business tips and did our banner. My sister Carla has helped out quite a bit with our Facebook page.”

Overall, K&D Resale has been doing really well in its first few weeks of business.

“I’m really pleased at the positive feedback we’re getting,” Kathy said.

Posted on 2013 Dec 23