Honeywell Foundation announces $8 million campaign

The Honeywell Foundation, a public charity, recently announced plans to raise $8 million to benefit its mission of providing artistic, social, cultural and recreational opportunities for all. Campaign contributors will grow the non-profit organization’s endowment fund, which provides financial stability for the foundation and its many programs and offerings.

“The Honeywell Foundation relies on earnings from its endowment to provide our exemplary programs and offerings,” says executive director Tod Minnich.

“We are fortunate to have a loyal patron base that not only attends programs, but also provides philanthropic support,” he continued. “We appreciate all donations to the foundation, and this campaign allows supporters a way to make a most meaningful contribution that will benefit generations to come.”

The $8 million in new endowment donations will provide support to some of the Foundation’s core programs. In particular, the Foundation received a $2.5 million matching grant that provides a dollar-for-dollar match for new and increased gifts. The $2.5 million match will establish a permanent endowment for the Educational Outreach Program.

This program provides low and no-cost educational opportunities for youth in 12 Indiana counties. The program provides more than 45,000 students with learning opportunities annually.

So far, nearly $2 million in qualifying gifts have been raised. $500,000 is needed by Dec. 31 in order to maximize pledge.

“The educational Outreach Program provides inspiring programs to youth,” continues Minnich. “Since 1998, the program has expanded from two counties to 12 and from a few hundred students to more than 45,000. This growth came at a time when schools faced challenging budgets, and many programs were either reduced or cut. The Educational Outreach Program helps provide students additional opportunities to enhance their learning experiences through art.”

In addition to providing needed support to the Educational Outreach Program, the campaign also allows donors special naming opportunities. Gift of $25,000 or greater will allow donors to create a personally named endowment. Many donors have elected to provide named endowments supporting a variety of programs. These endowments include support for classical programming, Broadway performances, youth-based programs and historic preservation, to name a few.

In total, $6 million has already been committed to this campaign.

“We are thrilled at the response from our generous donors,” says Cathy Gatchel, director of external relations. “The goal of this campaign has always been two-fold. Besides raising $8 million, we wanted to make sure all Honeywell patrons had an opportunity to give to this meaningful effort. The success of the Honeywell Foundation only happens through the passionate support of the thousands of donors and patrons who believe in what we do.”

A 12-member Leadership Committee has worked tirelessly, promoting the foundation in pursuit of the $6 million raised so far.

“The Leadership Committee has been absolutely instrumental to this campaign’s success. Their dedication and volunteerism are simply unmatched,” said Minnich. “This campaign has paved the way for a very bright future for the Honeywell Foundation.”

If you would like more information about the campaign, please contact Cathy Gatchel at 260-563-1102, ext. 525 or

Posted on 2013 Nov 05