Peter Pan brings magic to the Honeywell Center

By Eric Stearley

Audiences cheered this weekend as the Wabash Area Community Theatre took the stage for their performance of Peter Pan.

The stage was lit in a kaleidoscope of colors throughout the performance as Peter, played by Allison Thayer chased his shadow, befriended the Darling children, took the children to Neverland, and fought the evil band of pirates led by Captain Hook, played by Gary Dale.

A live orchestra accompanied the theatrics as the cast sang and danced through forests, in tree houses, and on a pirate ship.

The show became truly magical when, in the first scene, the children went to bed, their window flew open and Peter Pan flew gracefully through the door. After capturing his shadow and having Wendy (Miranda Nose) sew it back on, he would teach the children to fly with a little help from Tinkerbell, who appeared as a swirling green light that darted around the room and spoke to Peter with the chiming of a xylophone. With that, they were off on their adventure, headed toward the second star to the right and straight on til morning.

Captain Hook and his right hand man, Mr. Smee (Clint Kugler), provided the comic relief for the performance. Tiger Lilly (Brittany Davis) and her band of Native Americans made an appearance, ultimately helping Peter and the Lost Boys defeat Captain Hook, with a little help from a crocodile with a clock in his belly.

In the end, the cast emerged from behind stage to receive a standing ovation. Peter Pan stepped back from the front of the stage, turned toward the audience, and in a flash, flew across the stage, over the orchestra pit, and out over the crowd, sprinkling fairy dust from both hands over cheering fans.

Posted on 2013 Oct 01