Sergeant Terry Hall brings Body Safety program to area schools

Since 1988, Sergeant Terry Hall has taught Wabash County students about their bodies, how to keep themselves safe, and what is and isn’t okay when it comes to their bodies. Former director of the Good Touch, Bad Touch program, Sgt. Hall developed his own program called Body Safety, which he will share with students at area schools during the week of Sept. 23.

Terry Hall is a 38-year veteran of the Indianapolis Police Department. He spent seven years in the IPD Sex Offense Branch and was named IPD Officer of the Year and Investigative Officer of the Year for having the highest arrest and conviction rate for five consecutive years.

Sgt. Hall is a certified law enforcement instructor for the State of Indiana. In the last 20 years, his passion and dedication for protecting children has led to his training of over 40,000 prosecutors, judges, and law enforcement officers at the local, state, and federal levels. Recently Sgt. Hall was asked to instruct employees at the Department of Human Services in Washington D.C.

Sgt. Hall also received the local and state Social Services Award for his work with children. He has talked to more than half a million people including children and adults while conducting his Body Safety program. The Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board has also certified his course.

On Monday, Sept. 23 at 6 p.m, Sgt. Hall will conduct a Parent Program at Manchester Intermediate School. This is a time for parents, relatives, friends and other community members to learn about the program that children in the county’s public schools will be attending during the week. Parents and community members will also be able to ask Sgt. Hall questions about the programs and issue concerning child safety.

Children who are home schooled are welcome to attend any grade-level appropriate program. Parents are also encouraged to attend the programs at their children’s schools throughout the week. Anyone wishing to come to a program at the schools should contact the school beforehand.

The Body Safety Program is designed to educate students about the proper and improper touching, harassment and ploys used by child molesters. Children are taught to do what an adult tells them to do – to be obedient.  The Body Safety Program teaches children that their body belongs to them and they have the power to say ‘no’ if someone touches them in a private part of their body. Sgt. Hall encourages children to be assertive about protecting themselves.

Sgt. Hall teaches the young children the proper names of their body parts and covers times when it is appropriate to touch private parts of their bodies, like when they go to the doctor. He also explains to children that inappropriate touches are “not your fault” and encourages students to immediately tell teachers, school counselors, parents, grandparents, relatives or another trusted adult. 

Finally, he tells students that the Internet is a wonderful tool, but warns them that it can also be a dangerous place for young children. He tells them that social networking sites can provide predators with access to children.

Sgt. Hall will visit the following schools next week: W.C. Mills, O.J. Neighbors,  Manchester, Metro North, and Sharp Creek, Southwood, and LaFontaine Elementary Schools, Manchester Intermediate School, Wabash Middle School, and Wabash High School. Contact your student’s school for specific grade-level dates and times.

Posted on 2013 Sep 18