Wabash County to see $1.57M increase in road funding

Wabash County roads, bridges and highways will benefit from a $1,573,158 funding increase over the next two years, said State Sen. Jim Banks (R-Columbia City).

During the 2013 legislative session, the General Assembly passed the 2014-2015 state budget, which increased transportation funding by $210 million per year. This includes $100 million for local units each year.

In total, the Wabash County region is slated to receive an estimated $6,222,263 in road funding over the next two years, which represents a $1,573,158 increase from its current funding level. It will be appropriated among local government units as follows:

-Wabash County Government: $5,002,834

-La Fontaine: $57,529

- Lagro: $27,285

-North Manchester: $401,852

- Roann: $31,494

- Wabash: $701,269

“Reliable roads and infrastructure are essential to a strong economy,” Banks said. “This allows us to transport goods and services more easily, giving companies another reason to invest in our area. But beyond that, it creates a more cohesive community, connecting our families to the people and places that matter to them.”

Posted on 2013 Aug 06