Beauchamp & McSpadden name new company president

On Feb. 6, the Beauchamp & McSpadden Board of Directors named W. Parker Beauchamp as the company’s new president. Parker is a fourth- generation family member of the Wabash-head quartered insurance firm. The business was founded in 1872, and was purchased in 1927 by Parker’s great- grandfather, Ward Beauchamp. Ward’s son, Bob Beauchamp, Sr., joined his father at work in 1938, followed by Bob’s eldest son, Robert W. Beauchamp, in 1963.

Meanwhile, Thomas A. McSpadden joined his father-in-law in another Wabash insurance agency shortly after World War II. In 1968, the Beauchamps and Mr. McSpadden decided to merge their agencies to better serve the growing needs of their customers. It was their handshakes that established the Beauchamp & McSpadden of today – with customer relationships in 48 states, and also serving as a provider of specialty coverage through 800 insurance agencies nationwide.

“This is a childhood dream,” Parker said. “Family members, employees and clients whom I’ve been fortunate enough to work with have mentored me in some way and taught me about our company’s legacy to its clients. I look forward with tremendous pride to continue to serve them with excellence.”

Parker is stepping into the position previously held by his father, Michael Beauchamp, (Bob Beauchamp Sr.’s second son) for 12 years. Michael will now serve as chairman of the board – having left the day-to-day activities of running the company to Parker. However, Michael will continue to work with his current clients to ensure all of their expectations are met.

“I strongly believe that we will make great strides with Parker as president in reshaping the future effectiveness and strength of Beauchamp & McSpadden,” Michael said. “I have already seen initiatives being developed that will enhance our agency for its clients, employees and our community for generations to come.”

Parker graduated with a Masters of Science degree in Industrial Administration and Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University. He also studied at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, Sweden and the Ecole Superieure d'Agriculture de Purpan in Toulouse, France. Prior to joining Beauchamp & McSpadden in 2004, he served internships with Cincinnati Insurance Company, Aflac Insurance Company, the Indiana General Assembly and Westfield Insurance Group.

“Parker is well prepared for this role,” Michael continued. “His leadership skills and understanding of insurance and business will truly benefit all of us.”

Posted on 2013 Jul 02