School Choice Indiana representative spoke at St. Bernard School

Last Wednesday, a representative from School Choice Indiana gave an informational presentation to parents at St. Bernard Catholic School.

School Choice Indiana is a non-partisan, statewide not for profit organization dedicated to expanding quality education options for Hoosier families.

During the presentation, parents received information on different programs and school choice options, eligibility and steps to take to apply for a program.

“The program that parents are usually the most interested in or have the most questions about is the voucher program.  It’s one of the newer programs, and it allows families to enroll their children in a private school and part of the cost of tuition to attend that school is covered by the State of Indiana,” Marissa Lynch of School Choice Indiana told The Paper of Wabash.

School Choice Indiana works to provide families with more education options for their children. Other programs available are: Charter Schools, Virtual Schools, Traditional Public Schools, Magnet Schools, Private Schools, or Home schooling.

Participating private schools are required to meet standards of safety, fiscal soundness and non-discrimination.

St. Bernard School is the only participating private school in Wabash County.

“We hoped that this would help families that want to come to St. Bernard to be able to make that choice, and it has,” said St. Bernard Principal Mrs. Carroll.

St. Bernard School has had students participate in the past, and hope to have more.

“It works out really well. It helps the family out immensely, and the families that come are a good addition to our school family,” said Mrs. Carroll.

Families opt to participate in School Choice Indiana programs for a variety of reasons. The School Choice Indiana website can help guide parents to the best school for their child.

“Each child has their own unique individual needs, and each school has its strengths and weaknesses so it’s up to the parent to decide which school would best meet their child’s needs,” said Lynch.

On the website, there is information on the different schools that describe what makes that school unique.

“This program is really about whatever is in the best interest of the child and making sure that where the child is going to go that they are in an environment that the child will be able to thrive and grow,” said Lynch.

Parents who wish to participate in the program can learn more at

Posted on 2013 Jun 04