County Council approves first budget reading
By Emma Rausch
The Wabash County Council approved the first reading of the 2016 budget on Monday, Sept. 28, only after making several changes to increase the budget’s overall total.
During the budget reviews, county departments were able to reduce their individual budgets to meet the council’s recommendations, however ended up leaving funds unbudgeted.
Posted on 2015 Oct 06
When disaster strikes: Wabash local returns after fighting west coast wildfires
Johnny White, a local Department of Natural Resources inspector, radios a helicopter carrying water and coordinated where the water should be dropped on a wildfire in Washington. White volunteers as a member of a Type Two Initial Attack Interagency group through the DNR and assists in providing relief for national disasters. Photo provided
By Emma Rausch
Fires burned across the drought-stricken West Coast region again this summer, destroying both residential and wildlife homes. In an effort to prevent further devastation, one Wabash native joined men and women from across the nation on the front lines and fought the fires’ spread.
Johnny White, a local Department of Natural Resources (DNR) inspector for the Division of Oil and Gas, traveled to Chelan, Wash., in August and assisted in snuffing out wildfires for three weeks.
“Did you watch the news at all about the fires,” White asked during an interview with The Paper of Wabash County. “There was a town that got burn over and that was Chelan.
“We were in a base camp near the Columbia River near Chelan and we went out to another fire about 20 miles away. We were spiked out there for about four days and we came back and the town was burnt over.”
Posted on 2015 Oct 06
2,000-plus youngsters experience college during ‘Walk Into My Future’
Manchester University football player Zach Wynn helps a youngster throw a football during the “Walk Into My Future” program Friday at the university. Photo by Shaun Tilghman
By Shaun Tilghman
NORTH MANCHESTER -- More than 2,000 students in kindergarten through third grade from Wabash and Whitley counties visited Manchester University on Friday for the third annual “Walk Into My Future” event, which aims to help the elementary students form a vision of their future that includes the possibility of attending college.
MU hosted the event in conjunction with local and state officials as part of the Wabash County Promise and Whitley County Promise programs, which are collaborations of school, business, church, and community partners working to prepare area youth for post-secondary education and eventually a career.
Posted on 2015 Sep 29
Car hits Wabash home
A car driven by Robert Anglin, 86, Wabash, crashed into the side of a home at 1227 Mill St. on Friday afternoon. Photo by Joseph Slacian
By Joseph Slacian
A car driven by Robert L. Anglin, 86, Wabash, crashed into a home at 1227 Mill St. about 2:17 p.m. Friday, Sept. 25.
According to Sgt. Matt Benson, Wabash Police Department’s Public Information Officer, the car crashed into the side of the house running over the natural gas meter.  The gas leak prompted an evacuation of the surrounding houses.  
The Wabash Fire Department was on scene to treat the driver of the car and to provide fire suppression in case of a fire.  
Posted on 2015 Sep 29
Hundreds dine at Smokin’ for a Cause
LaFontaine resident Troy Working serves a guest some pork during the 2015 Smokin’ for a Cause event at Paradise Spring Historical Park. Photo by Joseph Slacian
By Joseph Slacian
Hundreds of people filled Paradise Spring Historical Park late Saturday afternoon, Sept. 19, to sample pulled pork and ribs prepared by 10 teams competing in Smokin’ for a Cause.
The third annual event helped raise funds for three charities – the Indiana Chapter of ALS, the L.I.F.E. Center and Wabash County Relay for Life.
“I’m very happy,” organizer Gary Henderson said. “The weather is great now and people are starting to fill the park.”
Posted on 2015 Sep 29
Korean War vets visit Wabash for reunion
By Joseph Slacian
A group of Korean War veterans and their families spent time in Wabash last week for its annual reunion.
Among the things the veterans did were tour the Honeywell Center, the Wabash County Historical Museum and heard the story of Modoc the elephant during a stop at Modoc’s Market during their visit, which lasted from Sept. 14-17.
Posted on 2015 Sep 29
Grant County invites Wabash County veterans to ‘stand down’
By Emma Rausch
On Friday Oct. 2, the Grant County Veterans’ Service Office (VSO) invites Wabash County’s homeless and in-need veterans to the Grant County YMCA in Marion to Stand Down, a free event to help veterans apply for medical care, employment and other services.
Stand Downs take place nationwide and typically happen near the fall, according to Bob Kelley, Grant County VSO officer.
“Back in 2008, Vietnam veterans were realizing that there were a lot of homeless veterans wandering around (Los Angeles),” Kelley told The Paper of Wabash County. “So they did what they call a ‘stand down,’ stop everything we’re doing, collect these veterans up, enroll them into health care, let them know what their benefits are and it’s just spread like wildfire across the country.”
Posted on 2015 Sep 29
Local elementary school reenacts history in annual event
An O.J. Neighbours student ground corn on a stone during the O.J. Neighbours historical reenactment on Thursday Sept. 17. Kindergarten through fourth grade students performed various Native American and pioneer tasks such as churning butter and drying buffalo meat. Photo by Emma Rausch
By Emma Rausch
O.J. Neighbours Elementary School hosted its annual historical reenactment on Thursday, Sept. 17.
“It’s just a way to make history come alive and make it personal for each child and each class has a different tribe and fourth grade is pioneers and it’s just a way for them to learn about history from a unique angle,” third grade teacher Lindsey Wilson. “It’s a way for them to take responsibility about what they learn and share in education and make it interesting for each other rather than a teacher standing up and talking the whole time.”
Posted on 2015 Sep 29

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