4H opens 2014 enrollment, new projects offered

Enrollment for the coming 4H season is now open until Feb. 1, 2014. This year, Wabash County 4H is introducing four new projects, two new competitions, and one new club. With over 50 projects to choose from, 4H reaches the interests of nearly all children.

Aquatic Science is a new project introduced this year where participants either learn how to care for a fish tank or participate in a breeding class. The tanks will be displayed at the fair with fish in them.

The new computer program will give kids the opportunity to design programs, games, marketing material or other products.

With the new small engine project, kids will learn how to repair an engine and put the proper fluids into it.

Also new this year is sport fishing. 4Hers will create an exhibit demonstrating what they learned about sport fishing.

The two new competitions are public speaking and performing arts.

4H is offering a new robotics club based on the National Science Curriculum of Junk Drawer Robotics. Club members will create teams and work through tasks with their robots.

Posted on 2013 Dec 03
Lutheran Air 2 meets with Heartland Career Center students

Eric Stearley

Heartland Career Center students welcomed a high-tech visitor to the school as Lutheran Air 2 landed in the south parking lot Thursday, Nov. 21. The helicopter’s visit was the result of a partnership between the vocational school and Lutheran Air to benefit students in the health sciences and criminal justice programs.

“We try to start kids on a pathway of interest and point them toward opportunities in the community,” said Principal Mark Hobbs.

Prior to the helicopter’s arrival, students in the heath sciences and criminal justice programs had a chance to talk with Luann McKinley and Tina Underhill, registered nurses with the flight program. Students had an opportunity to learn about the job, observe life-saving procedure demonstrations, and ask questions about caring for trauma patients and the impact it has on those responding to the scene of an accident. 

Criminal justice students got a chance to lay out the helicopter’s landing, at the school, just as they would have to do in an emergency situation. One lucky student even got to call it in on the radio.

“We like to partner with communities,” said Pat Unger, a Wabash County resident, former Heartland student and current flight program manager for Lutheran Air. “We like to reach out and educate.”

Posted on 2013 Dec 03
Sugar Rush Boutique Spa and Salon now open

by Ashley Flynn

Wabash got a whole lot glitterier Nov. 2 with the opening of Sugar Rush at 150 W. Harrison Ave.

Inspired by her two daughters, Danielle Shenefield knew exactly how she wanted her store to look.

“This has all been in my head for about three years and it’s finally out,” she said.

And the girls, Taylor 5, and Kenzie, 2, love it.

“They’re in heaven. They’re always asking if we can go to the store.”

With wall-to-wall pink, purple and glitter, Sugar Rush is a little girl’s paradise. The boutique, spa and salon offers a variety of spa packages aimed at pampering young princesses. There’s even a runway for the girls to show off their new look.

The popular Glitzy Glam includes hairstyle with glitter, nail polish and Glitz makeup with a shimmer star.

Posted on 2013 Dec 03
MU students host sit-in against HJR-6

by Kalie Ammons

Throughout the state, several colleges and universities have decided to publicly oppose HJR-6, an Indiana amendment proposing to permanently make same-sex marriages illegal, including Indiana University, Eli Lilly, DePauw University and Wabash College. After a petition to join these colleges signed by students, faculty and staff at MU was presented to the University, the school chose to stay neutral.

This lead to students and faculty from the United Sexualities and Peace Studies clubs to organize a sit-in to express their feelings on HJR-6.

Darcy Robins, president of United Sexualities, and Becca Creath, Peace Studies Coordinator, teamed up to organize a sit-in for last Tuesday in front of The Union, the University’s most popular dining area.

“We had a brainstorming table that had a large piece of paper on it that people could write their ideas of how to make Manchester more inclusive for everyone,” Robins told The Paper. “People, students, staff, alumni, whoever was there, were asked to write down any ideas.”

The list of ideas will be emailed to the University with the hope that some will be put in place.

Students who rejected HJR-6 were also invited to sign a large banner that had HJR-6 sitting in a red circle with a line through it.

Posted on 2013 Dec 03
Family creates the John W. Daywalt Scholarship Endowment in the Community Foundation of Wabash County

The Community Foundation of Wabash County and Kathleen Daywalt, wife of the late John Wesley Daywalt, are pleased to announce the creation of the John W. Daywalt Scholarship Endowment in the Community Foundation of Wabash County. 

Kathleen Daywalt established the John W. Daywalt Scholarship Endowment to memorialize John. The endowment will provide scholarships to Wabash High School graduates who have been accepted into one of the three Indiana Colleges of Pharmacy, specifically Butler University College of Pharmacy and Health Science, Manchester University College of Pharmacy or Purdue University College of Pharmacy. 

The scholarship award will be made to the College of Pharmacy and commence upon acceptance and matriculation into the Doctor of Pharmacy program.  The scholarship shall not be provided for pre-pharmacy undergraduate course work.  The scholarship is renewable up to three years, contingent upon academic standing. Eligible candidates will have satisfactorily completed the requisite undergraduate pre-pharmacy course work and will pursue on a full-time basis a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) degree. Eligible candidates shall have maintained in high school a minimum grade point average of 3.25 on a 4-point scale, or equivalent. Selection criteria shall be demonstrated financial need, academic performance and work ethic.

Posted on 2013 Dec 03
Small Business Saturday: Greater consumer awareness to fuel more shopping

Consumers across the country say they’ll rally behind one of the most important shopping days on the calendar for small businesses – Small Business Saturday. A day created to address one of small business owners’ most pressing needs – more customers.

According to the second annual Small Business Saturday Consumer Insights Survey, awareness of Small Business Saturday among U.S. consumers shot up to 44 percent compared to 34 percent during the same period a year ago. In addition, 77 percent of those aware of the day say that they plan to “shop small” this year. This translates to tens of millions of American consumers who say they plan to patronize a small business on Nov. 30, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The forecasted increase in shopping activity should come as welcome news to retailers facing the shortest holiday shopping since 2002.

Posted on 2013 Nov 26
Living well in Wabash County to purchase two replacement buses with ARRA grants

by Ashley Flynn

Living Well in Wabash County CoA, Inc, will be purchasing two new replacement buses sometime late next year thanks to unused funds from a previous American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) grant.

The announcement comes after Living Well CEO Beverly Ferry received a phone call from INDOT notifying that 100 percent of the money requested would come from this grant instead of from the 2014 5311 Capital Grant and 20 percent matching grant from the county that Living Well originally requested.

“This came as a complete surprise to the local public transportation system and eliminates the need to find the funds to pay the 20 percent matching funds,” said Ferry in a press release.

Posted on 2013 Nov 26
Madrigal Dinner Theater to take place at Honeywell Center

Wabash Area Community Theater and the Honeywell Center will present two opportunities to participate in the Madrigal Dinner in early December.  Guests can choose to attend on Friday, Dec. 6 or Saturday, Dec. 7 with both events beginning at 6:30 p.m.  To assure reserved seating, guests are encouraged to make reservations by Tuesday, Dec. 3.

Guests will begin congregating in the main lobby where they will be assigned to a specific English shire for seating in the grand hall (Legacy Hall) for the dinner.  Shires represented will be Cornwall, Yorkshire, Dorset, Cheshire, Surrey, Kent, Devon, and Suffolk. 

While assembling in the lobby, guests will be greeted by the lord and lady singers representing their shire and entertained by a brass ensemble, Father Christmas, the magician, fortuneteller, jester and wench. The court singers will sing, followed by the Lord Chamberlain and Town Crier announcing the beginning of the festivities as the Lord and Lady of the manor (Ham Sadler and Beth Perkins) are introduced.

Beefeater guards then escort the royalty to the grand hall where they will preside over the evening's festivities. Guests are then escorted to the hall by the page for their shire and their hosting singers. Upon arrival, their senses will be transported back to another era as the hall is decorated and pageantry represents an English manor in the year 1475.

Posted on 2013 Nov 26

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