NM officials remember Chris Garber
Chris Garber
By Emma Rausch
NORTH MANCHESTER -- The North Manchester community is mourning the loss of Chris Garber, 60, who passed away on Wednesday, Dec. 16, at St. Joseph Hospital in Fort Wayne.
“He was always thinking forward,” North Manchester Chamber president and Town Council member Laura Rager told The Paper of Wabash County, “which you always need those people that worry about those day-to-day nuts and bolts and how you’re going to cover this or that and the other, but then you also need those dreamers that will give you the goals you’re going to go for.
“I don’t think he thought of it as dreaming. I think he thought very matter of fact about it. ‘Ok. Well there’s our goal. Let’s go for it.’
“That will be missed. He was very good at that.”
Posted on 2015 Dec 22
The gift of joy delivered through the eyes of children
Santa's "helper," Bill Barrows, and staff members at the YMCA and children pose for a photo. Photo provided
By Bill Barrows
Have you ever had one of those weeks where you just couldn't get much to go as it should? Well, I had one of those this past week. It seemed that nothing much went the way it was supposed to … until I agreed to do something that I haven't done for a few years. I was asked to play Santa Claus for a group of kids who were participating in Kids Day Out at the Y on Dec. 12. 
The brainchild of Danielle Darnell, Kids Day Out, was a day for Christmas projects, letter writing skills, and having holiday fun. Assisted by Jana Slacian and Addi Harden, 17 wide-eyed kids ranging in age from 4 to 9 were happily composing letters and playing when Santa arrived.
Posted on 2015 Dec 22
The special gift of time
By Barb Maggart
The light was beginning to fade, on a lite winter afternoon in mid-December. Sara, delivering her daily newspapers, was enjoying the neighborhood Christmas lights. Nearly all the homes had some type of festive illumination to greet the coming holiday. But, she noted, as always, Grandma Katie’s home was nearly dark. Only one dim light burned in the back kitchen.
Grandma Katie was Sara’s favorite customer, as she was also endeared by many others in her neighborhood. She wasn’t Sara’s real grandmother, but everyone called her that.
The weather had turned cold and Sara’s hands were numb. She was hoping a cup of hot chocolate would be waiting for her at Grandma’s house. She always delivered her paper to the door, and many times was invited in for a cookie and a cup of cocoa.
Posted on 2015 Dec 22
Titus, Haag receive Keys to the City
Mayor Robert Vanlandingham presents Council member Joan Haag with the Key to the City during his farwell luncheon on Friday afternoon, Dec. 18. Photo by Joseph Slacian
By Joseph Slacian
Wabash Park Superintendent Todd Titus and outgoing City Council member Joan Haag received the Keys to the City.
Titus received his on Monday night, Dec.14, during the last Wabash City Council meeting of the year.
Titus received the honor from Mayor Robert Vanlandingham, who presided over the last Council meeting of his three terms in office. It also was Titus’ last meeting, as he is retiring at the end of the year.
“Sometimes things happen that deserve special recognition,” Vanlandingham said. “We have a gentleman that’s been working for the city since July 3, 1978. I think that’s over 37 years, Mr. Titus."
Posted on 2015 Dec 22
Pence announces Regional Cities Initiative winners; Northeast Indiana to move forward with 70 projects
By Emma Rausch
Gov. Mike Pence and the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) Board of Directors approved and awarded three Indiana Regional Cities Initiative applications $126 million on Tuesday Dec. 15, including Northeast Indiana, which encompasses Wabash County.
Seven regions, which represented 70 percent of the state’s population, submitted plans to the Initiative for more than 420 quality of place improvement projects across the state.
Pence and the IEDC Board narrowed down the applicants to award North Central, Southwest and Northeast Indiana with regional development support.
Each region will receive up to $42 million in state matching funds, which is subject to legislation approval, through the Initiative. The funding will assist communities across the three districts with quality of place projects that will “attract talent,” or new residents, to the area. Local projects include renovating the Historical Eagles Theatre and developing an all-inclusive park.
Posted on 2015 Dec 22
Crashes leave two injured
A Danville man was injured after a personal injury accident at the intersection of State Road 15 and Country Road 400 North on Tuesday, Dec. 16. A 2014 Ford pick-up driven by Jerome A. Schepers, 62, Santa Claus, collided with a 2006 Chevrolet pick-up driven by Robert W. Walls, 88, Danville. The investigation is ongoing. Photo by Emma Rausch 
By Joseph Slacian
Two people were injured last week in separate accidents, Sheriff Bob Land announced.
On Dec. 15, 2015, at approximately 2:20 p.m., the Wabash County Sheriff’s Department responded to a personal injury accident on S.R. 13 at S.R. 124. 
According to a news release from Land, the investigation shows that a 2013 Chevy pick-up truck, driven by James Vickrey, 74, LaFontaine, was northbound on S.R. 13, and was stopped at the four-way stop at S.R. 124. 
A 2004 Chevrolet driven by Katrina N. Reynolds, 23, Wabash, also northbound on S.R. 13, failed to observe or slow down for the stopped traffic, and struck the rear of the Vickrey pick-up. 
Posted on 2015 Dec 22
Local man arrested for sexual misconduct with minor
Rodney Eckman
By Emma Rausch
A local man was taken into custody on Dec. 11, charged with three felony counts of sexual misconduct with a minor.
Rodney Eckman, 54, Wabash, was charged with two counts of felony sexual misconduct with a minor – intercourse with a child at least 14-years-old and one count of felony sexual misconduct with a minor – fondling a child at least 14-years-old but younger than 16-years-old, according to the official bookings report.
Posted on 2015 Dec 22
Alternative School students receive reward
Alternative School director Laura Helm watches as students (from left) Dylan Walls, Lindy Miller, Austin Lester, Braxton Conlee and Kara Fugate look at their gifts from the Wabash Kiwanis Club. Photo by Joseph Slacian
By Joseph Slacian
Students in the Wabash City Schools Alternative School program received presents on Thursday, Dec. 17, as the school’s first semester was drawing to a close.
“There’s a local group called the Kiwanis Club,” Liz Hobbs, director of The Access Youth Center told the students. “It does all kinds of community projects. What they wanted to do was encourage you guys and congratulate you guys for completing the first semester of school.
“They also wanted to encourage you to continue and to let you know that we’re all very proud of you. It’s not just Laura (Helm, the alternative school’s director) and I, but we’re all very proud of you for all the hard work you do.”
Posted on 2015 Dec 22

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