Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson distributes voting accessibility funds to Wabash County

Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson approved Wabash County’s application for money to improve voting accessibility. The county was awarded $13,000 as part of the latest round of funding distributed to counties who meet the qualifications of the federal Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2002. Applications are approved with the consent of the bipartisan co-directors of the Indiana Election Division. These funds will be used to upgrade current polling places to ensure those locations are handicap accessible.

“I commend Wabash County’s commitment to improving accessibility for Hoosiers,” Secretary Lawson said. “These upgrades at the request of Wabash County Clerk Elaine Martin will improve the town hall structures for all citizens, not just on election day but every day.”  

Posted on 2013 Oct 08
Insect-borne disease kills local deer

by Eric Stearley

In late September, Scott Poole took some time out of his Sunday afternoon to look over a property that he has often hunted in the past. An avid hunter for the last 30 years, Poole inspected the property just over a week before the opening of bow hunting season, which began Oct. 1. As he approached a creek, he found a deer lying motionless, its body half in the water, half out. Further down the creek, he saw another dead deer laying in the water, and then a third, on the bank of the creek.

Poole says he thought this was strange, but he didn’t think much about it until he found a fourth deer that same week on his own property, less than a mile from where he found the others.

Posted on 2013 Oct 08
Lutheran Air II makes maiden voyage to Wabash County

The highly anticipated arrival of Lutheran Air II in Wabash County took place Monday, Oct. 7, at Wabash Municipal Airport.

An hour-long reception with light refreshments kicked off before the helicopter landed in Wabash for the first time. After a brief welcome from Wabash Mayor Robert Vanlandingham and Brian Bauer, chief executive officer, Lutheran Hospital, interim chief executive officer, Lutheran Health Network, attendees were invited to get a close-up look at Lutheran Air II and meet several members of the crew.

Posted on 2013 Oct 08
Thank You, Farmers: Culver’s gives back to farm families through new partnership

Culver’s of Wabash has partnered with Northfield and Southwood high schools as part of a larger, nationwide effort by Culver’s and its guests to thank the family farmers on which the restaurants depend on by donating 10 percent of its sales from Sept. 24, 5-8 p.m. to the schools’ FFA. The Thank You, Farmers partnership in participating restaurants all over the U.S., was unveiled in July to help spread awareness and generate support for this nation’s hardworking farmers.

“Culver’s restaurant as a whole have depended on family farms since the first restaurant opened in 1984,” said Jeremy and Dawn Waymen of Culver’s in Wabash. “We want to show our gratitude by helping support the next generation of farmers.”

Posted on 2013 Oct 08
Huey 369 visits Laketon legion, veterans share stories

By Eric Stearley
     The quiet town of Laketon had one very noisy visitor Saturday as Huey 369 flew into town for the veteran celebration at the American Legion Sunset Post 402. More than 100 veterans, patriots, and enthusiasts came out to fly in the Vietnam War era helicopter, share stories, and celebrate the service of the men and women who protect our country.

     The first Huey helicopter prototype took flight on Oct. 20, 1956. “Huey” is a nickname derived from the technical name HU-1. The 14 passenger Huey 369, an HU-1H model, went into service with the 498th Medical Company in 1971 where it served as a “dustoff” air ambulance in Vietnam. Forty-two years later, Huey 369 has been restored and is a fully functional helicopter in its original military configuration. The American Huey 369 organization flies into veteran gatherings around the area, taking veterans and supporters on member flights. Flight passengers at the Laketon event were flown from the legion lawn, over forest and field as the aircraft banked and dipped ultimately flying over North Manchester a few times and then back to the legion’s lakefront property.

Posted on 2013 Oct 08
Ride for Riley Kids yields largest amount in North Manchester event’s history

The second annual North Manchester “Ride for Riley Kids” bicycle event, held during 2013 Funfest in August, attracted riders from five counties. The 50-mile and five mile Family Fun rides had the most participants. There was also a 30-mile route. All rides departed from Manchester Elementary School. The bike riders traveled through scenic agricultural areas as well as the communities of Liberty Mills, Bippus, Servia and Urbana. The residents of those communities saw bikers wearing florescent yellow “Ride for Riley” t-shirts provided by local business co-sponsors. Ride co-sponsors also provided funds for refreshments that were served to the 30 and 50-mile riders at points along the route. Refreshments were also waiting for all riders when they reached the finish line at the elementary school. 

Posted on 2013 Oct 08
Fire code enforcement could spell trouble for business owners

By Eric Stearley

At an informational meeting held at the city courthouse Wednesday, Sept. 25, Wabash Fire Chief Robert Mullett announced that the requirement for a fire watch is now being enforced. This mandates that business owners with a fire protection system will need to hire someone to watch the building for fire should the system go down for any reason, or chose to evacuate the building completely until the system is functioning. The fire watch personnel must also be a certified fire fighter in the state of Indiana and must be approved by the fire chief.

“This is not going to be popular,” said Mullett. “Whether it’s popular or not, it has to be addressed.”

Posted on 2013 Oct 01
Peter Pan brings magic to the Honeywell Center

By Eric Stearley

Audiences cheered this weekend as the Wabash Area Community Theatre took the stage for their performance of Peter Pan.

The stage was lit in a kaleidoscope of colors throughout the performance as Peter, played by Allison Thayer chased his shadow, befriended the Darling children, took the children to Neverland, and fought the evil band of pirates led by Captain Hook, played by Gary Dale.

A live orchestra accompanied the theatrics as the cast sang and danced through forests, in tree houses, and on a pirate ship.

Posted on 2013 Oct 01

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