Shopping, wine and chocolate tasting to be held at Charley Creek Inn

Charley Creek Inn will play host to The Trifecta on Saturday, Jan. 25. The Trifecta is an evening of shopping, wine and chocolate tasting.
The Trifecta will be held in the Big Four Ballroom from 5—8 p.m.

Posted on 2014 Jan 22
Midwest blues legend Duke Tumatoe kicks off 2014 Thursday Night Blues

Midwest blues legend Duke Tumatoe, an early member of REO Speedwagon, kicks off the 2014 Thursday Night Blues: Live At The Eagles Theatre series when the Avon resident takes the stage at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 30, for the first in a three-show series at the historic Wabash theatre. The Blues series is welcomed by Mi Tunes 101.9 and 105.9 The Bash, and sponsored by the Noisemaker Music Store and Rhoads Window Shop.

Posted on 2014 Jan 22
L.I.F.E Center of Wabash to hold annual rally

The L.I.F.E. Center of Wabash County will be holding their annual Rally for Life on Sunday, Jan. 19 at the Wabash Middle School auditorium. The program will begin at 2 p.m., followed by the walk to Falls Cemetery in commemoration of Roe vs. Wade. At the cemetery, ralliers will remember the children that have been lost to abortion, miscarriage or any other types of illness. The public is welcome to join this event.

Recently, the L.I.F.E. Center has welcomed a new member, Penny. Penny’s main job is to help the center raise the funds needed for a new facility. The center has run out of space in their current location. They are currently working out of one room for their consultations and ultra sounds. They are hoping to find a place that allows them enough room to multiple consultations and have a room for ultrasounds and also to house their Earn While You Learn program.

Posted on 2014 Jan 14
F.C. Tucker/Wabash Realty agent retires, new agent welcomed

Marilyn Boardman officially retired from the real estate business at F.C. Tucker/Wabash Realty on Dec. 31, 2013. Marilyn joined the staff, at that time known as Wabash Realty LLC, in July 2006. She has been licensed in real estate since July 1, 1998. The staff of F.C. Tucker/Wabash Realty wishes Marilyn the very best in her future endeavors and her retirement from the business. Feel free to stop in or drop her a card at 503 N. Cass Street, Wabash. 

Posted on 2014 Jan 14
Stella’s Resale and Thrift expands

by Emily Armentrout

Stella’s Resale and Thrift opened in Wabash last year after Tammy Snyder moved in from Elkhart the year before and fell in love with the town. A visit with her mother, a Wabash resident, inspired Snyder to open a resale shop with her husband. Snyder and her mother would often visit thrift shops together, and she wanted to bring some of that passion to Wabash.

The store’s name came from Snyder’s 9-year-old black lab, Stella. “I never had any girls, and I always wanted to use that name, so I named my dog Stella,” Snyder told The Paper.

Posted on 2014 Jan 14
Wabash County to hold one day of kindergarten round up

If you have a child eligible for kindergarten next fall, kindergarten round-up will be held at the Honeywell Center in the lobby area on Wednesday, March 19 from 8-11:30 a.m. and 4-7 p.m.

Any child eligible to attend kindergarten must go to round up to register for school.

Students must be 5 by Aug. 1, 2014. Parents are to bring a copy of an original Court House issued Birth Certificate and shot records to round up, along with registration papers filled out. Registration papers can be obtained by calling or stopping by the school the child will be attending.

Please call your respective school and pre-register and to pick up the packet of paperwork.

The final day to register is Feb. 25.

The kindergarten entrance requirements are:

-official birth certificate, age 5 by Aug. 1, 2014

-dental exam, free at round-up

-vision screen, free at round up

-physical exam, done by your own physician

-immunizations, 5 DTAP, 4 Polio, 2 MMR, Hepatitis B (series of 3), 2 Varicella (chicken pox), 2 Hep (A), all free

The free dental exam, vision screens, lead testing, and booster shots will be available at round-up. This is the opportunity to meet requirements for attending school in the fall.

Posted on 2014 Jan 14
The Wabash County FSA encourages winter storm livestock loss reports

The Wabash County Farm Service Agency office is encouraging all producers in Wabash County that own or raise livestock of the importance of keeping accurate records of any losses that may have occurred during the recent storm. The records should include adequate proof that livestock deaths occurred as a direct result of the storm. The quantity and kind of livestock that died as a direct result of the eligible disaster event may be documented by purchase records, veterinary records, bank or other loan documents, rendering truck receipts or personal production records. Reports of loss should be filed with the local FSA within 30 days of the loss.

The 2008 Farm Bill Act that created the Livestock Indemnity Program has expired. There is hope however that a new Farm Bill will restore the program and allow producers to be compensated for livestock losses caused by an eligible event.

Producers with questions may call the Wabash County FSA office for further information. The phone number is 260-563-3145 Ext 2.

Posted on 2014 Jan 14
Wabash County Sheriff’s Department releases monthly and yearly statistics

The Wabash County Sheriff’s Department reported 44 traffic citations in December, along with 51 traffic warnings. There were 7 DUI arrests and 2 other alcohol related arrests made.

There were 16 total individual arrests made, with a total of 4 felony counts and 19 misdemeanor counts. The department worked 34 criminal cases and 68 crashes.

They had a total of 71 transports, served 352 civil process papers, 8 warrants and had 14 public appearances. The department made a total 723 calls for service in December 2013.

Posted on 2014 Jan 14

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