Delays expected for Brandt ride

The annual Waldo and Steve Brandt Memorial ride will take place on Sept. 27 and motorists not participating in the ride should expect delays in several parts of the City of Wabash throughout the day.

The ride is in remembrance of Waldo and Steve Brandt and will depart Brandt’s Harley Davidson at noon.

Posted on 2015 Sep 24
‘Mary Poppins’ to bring ‘magic’ to stage of Honeywell Center
Clayton Marcum and Brittany Riner are the leading duo in the upcoming Wabash Area Community Theater production of “Mary Poppins.” Riner and Marcum, who play Mary Poppins and Bert, are paired with children Trey Wright and Camille Kugler, the “impossible” Michael and Jane Banks, as Poppins attempts to teach the children manners and that there is magic in the world around them. Photo by Emma Rausch
By Emma Rausch
After three months of rehearsals, set building and costume preparation, local actors are ready to take the stage in the Wabash Area Community Theater (WACT) production of “Mary Poppins” Sept. 25-27 at the Honeywell Center Ford Theater.
The famous story is set in 1910 and follows the London-based Banks family as parents George and Winifred Banks, played by Eric Reichenbach and Nikki Bailey, lose yet another nanny due to their children’s bad behavior.
One morning, a magical nanny named Mary Poppins, played by Swayzee resident Brittany Riner, suddenly arrives at the Banks household and tells the family she is their new nanny, changing their lives forever.
In mid-June, Riner told The Paper of Wabash County that it’s been her dream to play the part of Poppins. Now, after weeks of practice and the production nearing, Riner admitted that it can be difficult to portray the character’s “practically perfect and confident” nature.
Posted on 2015 Sep 22
Family spearheads effort to honor police
Brandon Wahl explains why the family decided to thank local police officers for their service while his wife, Melanie, and children look on. Photo by Joseph Slacian
By Joseph Slacian
A Wabash family, tired of negative publicity police officers around the nation have received in recent months, took it upon themselves to let two local departments know that their service is appreciated.
Brandon and Melanie Wahl and their three young children, during Monday night’s Wabash City Council meeting, showed Wabash Police Chief Larry Schnepp and Wabash County Sheriff Bob Land just how much the community appreciates them and the members of their departments.

The Wahls' young sons, Brayden and Mason, presented Schnepp and Land with oversized cards which simply read, “Thank you. We support you.” The cards were signed by dozens of citizens from around the county.

“It just started out a couple of weeks ago with an idea that we had,” Wahl said. “The entire family got together and we designed giant thank you cards, one for the Wabash City Police and the other for the Sheriff’s Department.

“It didn’t take us very long, once we presented these cards to the public, that we recognized the entire county jumped at the opportunity to join us to thank the departments. It meant a lot to us, and it meant a lot to the public as well.”


Posted on 2015 Sep 22
Kirtlan Automotive named 2015 Business of the Year
Kirtlan Automotive employees (from left) Andrea Becks, Roderick Schran, Jerry Kirtlan, Steve Kirtlan, Joe Hamilton, Kelly Harner, Eric Kirtlan and Paul Kern stand outside the business. Kirtlan Automotive was named the 2015 Wabash County Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year on Tuesday, Sept. 22. Photo by Wayne Rees
By The Paper staff
Kirtlan Automotive is the 2015 Business of the Year, Brian Campbell, Wabash County Chamber of Commerce Board Chair, announced Tuesday.
“While we have many worthy businesses in Wabash County, Kirtlan Automotive is a most deserving organization,” Campbell said. “Kirtlan Automotive and the Kirtlan family have supported many local community and charitable causes and events with both time and sponsorships; all while being inundated with rising river issues and nearby construction. The resilience and community spirit of this local family business is something we should all strive to imitate."
Posted on 2015 Sep 22
Martin Yale purchases California firm
By Joseph Slacian
Martin Yale Industries has purchased Court Machinery Co., of Escondido, Calif.
“The Count acquisition is a perfect strategic fit for Martin Yale, from both a brand and product perspective,” Martin Yale President Greg German said. “Their existing lineup of machines adds depth to our portfolio of print finishing products and allows us entree into the high speed perforating, scoring, and creasing markets.  
“The Count brand name is highly recognized and its machines are well known for their quality and reliability”. 
Posted on 2015 Sep 22
Historical Museum receives award
Mayor Robert Vanlandingham (second from left) presents a plaque to Sam Frazier, president of the Wabash County Historical Museum. Looking on are Historical Preservation Commission members Mike Beauchamp (left) and Susan Stewart. Photo by Joseph Slacian
By Joseph Slacian
The Wabash County Historical Museum received the city’s Historical Preservation Award on Monday, Sept. 14.
The award was presented to Sam Frazier, president of the museum’s board of directors, during the Wabash City Council meeting.
The museum was the Wabash Historical Preservation Commission’s award recipient for not-for-profit organizations.
“We give out awards every year,” Commission representative Susan Stewart said. “Not for profit, commercial and residential awards.”
Posted on 2015 Sep 22
Laketon Auxiliary Past Presidents plan fundraiser
Article provided
LAKETON – The Laketon American Legion Auxiliary Unit No.402 Past Presidents are sponsoring a benefit at the Main View Family Dining.
Proceeds from the event, scheduled from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 20, will be to assist a female Gulf War veteran from Pleasant Township who is in need of financial assistance.
American Legion Auxiliary past presidents have a special objective: “Care of the disabled and needy female veterans.” They also provide scholarships for student nurses or those studying in the medical field
Posted on 2015 Sep 22
Museum dedicates archives to Richard Ford
A display of items related to Richard E. Ford was unveiled during a dedication ceremony on Thursday, Sept. 17, at the Wabash County Historical Museum. Photo by Joseph Slacian
By Joseph Slacian
The archives room at the Wabash County Historical Museum was dedicated Thursday, Sept. 17, in honor of Richard E. Ford.
The dedication came during an open house celebrating the facility’s 10th anniversary.
Ford, according to Museum Executive Director Mitch Figert, often shared his dreams and visions for the facility with him.
“It was not just hearing about how we’ve done things and how we built the museum, but hearing what he wanted the museum to be, all the big projects he couldn’t accomplish during his time here, and how he handed them off to me,” Figert said. “Without his influence, none of this would have been possible.”
Posted on 2015 Sep 22

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