Town of LaFontaine over $1.7 million in debt
By Emma Rausch
LAFONTAINE -- The town of LaFontaine is over $1.7 million in debt, according to Jay Gillespie, a candidate in the upcoming town council race.
Specifically, the town has a State Revolving Fund (SRF) loan out for $1.7 million and a second loan out for $600,000, approximately. The SRF Loan Program provides low-interest loans to Indiana communities for projects that improve wastewater and drinking water infrastructure, according to the Indiana Finance Authority. 
The debt was announced to the public originally at a prior LaFontaine Town Council meeting, Gillespie said.
At the council’s “special” meeting on April 22, Council President Gary Henderson kept the meeting informal to open the floor for public opinion.
Posted on 2015 May 04
Wabash named America’s Best Communities quarterfinalist
Mike Boebinger (left), Frontier Communications General Manager, presents Wabash Mayor Robert Vanlandingham a framed certificate proclaiming the City of Wabash one of 50 America's Best Communities quarterfinalist. Photo by Joseph Slacian 
By Joseph Slacian
Eight months after being named a Stellar Community in the State of Indiana, the City of Wabash learned Wednesday, April 29, that it is in the running for a national honor.
Wabash is among 50 communities nationwide to be named a quarterfinalist in the America’s Best Communities competition. With it comes a $50,000 grant, which must be matched by another $15,000 from city coffers.
The program is a privately funded venture sponsored by Frontier Communications, DISH Network, The Weather Channel and CoBank. 
By being named a quarterfinalist, the city is in the running for up to $3 million, should it be named the ultimate winner.
Posted on 2015 May 04
Have a plan for your life, soon-to-be graduates told
Wabash County high school honor students were recognized for their academic achievements on April 23 during the 15th annual Honor Student Luncheon. The students, like Chase Dirig, Wabash High School senior, were asked to share their college and career plans with the audience. Photo by Emma Rausch
By Joseph Slacian
When members of the Class of 2015 were in second grade, Tyler Olson was a senior in high school. 
Today, as class members are just weeks away from receiving their diplomas, Olson is a teacher at the Wabash Middle School.
Olson, during the 15th annual Honor Student Luncheon, told the top seniors at Wabash, Northfield, Manchester and Southwood high schools to find something they are passionate about and then pursue that dream.
Posted on 2015 May 04
From the Wabash River to the Gulf of Mexico - Kayaking couple stops in Wabash on their way downstream
LaNae and John Abnet are heading south for the next four months on a kayaking trip from the source of the Wabash River to the Gulf of Mexico. To their knowledge, they will be the first couple to make and document this journey. Photo by Emma Rausch
By Emma Rausch
From the source of the Wabash River, John and LaNae Abnet plan to spend the next four months kayaking and camping on their voyage to the Gulf of Mexico, and, to their knowledge, they’ll be the first to document it.
“Life is too short to sit on the banks watching the water go by, wondering … wondering where the water flows,” the Abnets wrote on their blog. “Sitting is safe, but all these questions will never be answered, and we stay in a state of wondering, while sitting in silence, so … we decided to ‘LIVEout-loud.’”
On April 12, just two weeks into their trip, the Abnets stopped in Wabash to camp for the night on the River Walk near the Wabash Street bridge.
Posted on 2015 May 04
Chamber to celebrate National Chamber Week
By Joseph Slacian
Mayor Robert Vanlandingham, during the April 27 Wabash City Council meeting, read a proclamation making the week on May 4-8 as the Chamber of Commerce Week.
The Wabash “Chamber of Commerce provides citizens with a strong business environment that increases employment, retail trade and commerce and industrial grown in order to make the City of Wabash a better place to live,” the mayor noted, while reading the proclamation.
Posted on 2015 May 04
North Manchester man arrested for stabbing
Nathaniel Baston
By The Paper staff
NORTH MANCHESTER – The investigation to a stabbing reported on April 25 has resulted in the arrest of Nathaniel Baston, 30, North Manchester.
Baston is incarcerated in the Wabash County Jail on a felony charge of aggravated battery.
At approximately 10:42 on Saturday, officers responded to a 911 call reporting a stabbing in the second floor corridor of 224 East Main St. in North Manchester.
Posted on 2015 Apr 28
Crash claims rural Wabash man
By Joseph Slacian
A rural Wabash man was killed in a two-vehicle accident Saturday afternoon at the intersection of State Road 15 and State Road Ind. 115.
The man, Mark A. Rickner, 45, was pronounced dead at the scene by Wabash County Coroner Carol Whitesel. The accident occurred at 4:21 p.m.
Posted on 2015 Apr 28
Indiana Court of Appeals wheels into Manchester University for session
Manchester University hosted its third Appeals on Wheels session on Tuesday April 14. Students, faculty, and local members of the Wabash County Bar Association watched the oral hearing of Johnson v. State as the Court of Appeals panel judges questioned both attorneys about their arguments. Photo by Emma Rausch
By Emma Rausch
NORTH MANCHESTER -- Court was in session on April 14 at Manchester University when the Indiana Court of Appeals visited for the college’s third traveling oral argument hearing, or Appeals on Wheels.
Appeals on Wheels is an educational initiative which brings oral argument hearings into schools and other venues across Indiana to inform citizens about the appellate court as well as provide an opportunity to meet the judges and ask questions, according to a press release.
Students and members of the Wabash County Bar Association watched as Judges Michael Barnes and Terry Crone joined presiding Judge Paul Mathias in questioning arguments regarding the case Johnson v. State.
“I think part of our job, in addition to deciding the cases in a rational, legal, and fair way, is to allow people to see how the court works,” Barnes said. “If you heard about the Indiana Court of Appeals, did you really know how it worked?
Posted on 2015 Apr 28

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