Adult Farm Classes are underway

By Joseph Slacian

The 37th annual Adult Farm Classes have started.

The program, which takes place at the Heartland REMC community room on select Mondays through March, kicked off Feb. 2 with a program on alternate energy sources.

“The programs are open to anyone interested,” Purdue University Extension Educator Curt Campbell said. “They can attend only classes they are interested in with no pre-registration.”

(Read more to view full class schedule)

Posted on 2015 Feb 03
Honeywell Pool renovations on schedule

The retaining wall on the east side of the Honeywell Pool is being replaced as part of a $1.9 million renovation project. Work began in mid-October and officials hope will be completed in time for an opening in late May or early June. Photo provided

By Joseph Slacian

Renovations at the Honeywell Pool are progressing nicely, Wabash Park Superintendent Todd Titus told The Paper of Wabash County.

Work on the project was expected to begin within days of the pool’s closing last August. However, budget issues delayed the start of the work until mid-October.  In spite of that, crews are on schedule with the work.

Posted on 2015 Feb 03
Local Kiwanis Club celebrates its 95th birthday; Kiwanis International celebrates 100th

By Emma Rausch

On Jan. 30, the local Kiwanis Club chapter commemorated its 95th year as a Wabash service organization and celebrated Kiwanis International’s 100th year by throwing a birthday celebration at the Women’s Clubhouse. Complete with dinner, cake, and a speech by 2015’s Riley Champion Camille Kerlin.

Since its establishment on Jan. 30, 1920, the service organization has been committed to serving the children of the world. The local club has supported organizations including Riley Children’s Hospital, Special Olympics, and The Access. In addition, the club has also serviced the community with service projects such creating a new playground for Hanna Park and raising funds for the Eliminate Project, a project serving to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus.

Kiwanis member Mayor Robert Vanlandingham issued a proclamation announcing the week of Jan. 26-30, 2015 as Kiwanis Week in Wabash on Wednesday Jan. 28.

Posted on 2015 Feb 03
Wabash County school corporations face snow days head on

By Emma Rausch

In early January, inclement weather caused Wabash County schools to classes for a few days. While Wabash City Schools missed two days, the Metropolitan School District and Manchester Community Schools missed three days at the start of the new semester.

MCS Superintendent Dr. Bill Reichhart said from a safety standpoint, snow days are a good thing because they keep children safe from accidents caused by bad weather.

“On the other hand, it causes us to make up those days if we can’t come in,” he said. “Any time you miss school there are challenges. We are accountable for meeting the state’s standards in our classrooms. It’s important to get as many educational days in as possible before our students take the standardized tests.”

Posted on 2015 Feb 03
Nick Harless Band to perform in round two of Thursday Night Blues

The Nick Harless Band, a blues music group, will perform at the Eagles Theatre on Feb. 12. The musicians include (from left) Harless Brothers Band Nick Harless, lead guitar and singer, Dave Huff, drummer; and Sad Sam Blues Jam guitarist Sam Johnson on bass. Photo provided

By Emma Rausch

The Nick Harless Band will perform at the Eagles Theatre on Feb. 12 as the second show in the Thursday Night Blues series. Known for his role in the Harless Brothers Band, Nick Harless will perform with drummer Dave Huff and Sad Sam Blues Jam guitarist Sam Johnson.

Harless is no stranger to the Eagles Theatre, having performed there in September 2013 with the Harless Brothers Band. Recalling the stage, Harless said the venue provides a great opportunity to be close to the audience.

“I enjoy the intimate settings because you can connect with people when you can see their faces and see how they react,” he said.

Posted on 2015 Feb 03
Local grandparents scammed for more than $1200

By Emma Rausch

A set of grandparents from Wabash County fell victim to an apparent phone scam that cost them more than $1,200.

Meanwhile, the Wabash County Chamber of Commerce warned its members in a business brief last week of another scam wherein the caller impersonated the Chamber.

Posted on 2015 Feb 03
Local author writes book on Civil War

Wabash resident Jennifer McSpadden chats with a history buff during an author's fair in December at the Indiana Historical Society. Her book, "A Leaf of Voices," is available on and the Barnes & Noble website, as well as at the Wabash County Historical Museum. Photo provided

By Joseph Slacian

As a volunteer at the Wabash County Historical Museum several years ago, Jennifer McSpadden was given a task to do.

“I had a Civil War project that was to find a list of all the people who died from Wabash County, because there’s no memorial anywhere,” she said. “There’s a little memorial in Center Grove Cemetery where they’ve got this stone column, and on each side of the four-sided column, they’ve got 10 names on each side. It’s for those who were unreturned from the area, which includes a lot of people from Huntington.”

Posted on 2015 Feb 03
Wabash County Historical Society to meet Feb. 10

By The Paper Staff

The Wabash County Historical Society will meet Tuesday, Feb. 10 at 7 p.m. at the Wabash County Historical Museum.

Sarah Siders will be presenting the program, “Wabash County Connections to the Miami Indians.”

The program is free and open to the public.

Those attending should enter through the doors from the east parking lot.

Posted on 2015 Feb 03

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