Voter registration ends Oct. 5 for Municipal Elections; Voter Centers to be located in Wabash, LaFontaine
By Joseph Slacian
The final day to register to vote in the 2015 Municipal Elections is Monday, Oct. 5, Wabash County Clerk Elaine Martin announced.
Those registering at Martin’s office in the Wabash Judicial Annex have until 4 p.m. Oct. 5. Those registering online have until midnight.
However, Martin warned, to register online one must have a valid Indiana Driver’s License or Indiana state-issued identification card. To register online, go to
Posted on 2015 Aug 11
Brainard Excavating to demolish Brown Trucking site
By Joseph Slacian
Only two firms submitted quotes to the City of Wabash to demolish the former Brown Trucking building, located across from the Wabash County YMCA.
Brainard Excavating submitted a quote of $15,325, while CAT Excavating’s quote was $35,000. Each firm also had a $25,000 allowance for landfill fees in the quotes.
Posted on 2015 Aug 11
Wabash City School youths to see changes after first day of school
An OJ Neighbours Elementary School student (right) takes his nervous peer by the hand and walks with her through the entrance of their new school on the first day of school. Photo by Emma Rausch
By Emma Rausch
Wabash City Schools has undergone multiple changes in preparation for the upcoming school year, according to superintendent Jason Callahan.
First, after applying for accreditation in early May, the University of Indianapolis has endorsed Wabash High School as an Early College High School by.
“What they’re trying to do with the Early College High School model is create the rigor and supports to ensure that all kids have the opportunity to be successful in college,” Callahan said. “We see college as anything leading to a living wage, so it’s not just a four-year degree pathway. It can be trade schools, two-year degree, certifications and apprenticeships.
“It’s pretty inclusive definition of ‘college’ so that we can ensure that we’re covering all our kids and not just a segment of our population.”
Posted on 2015 Aug 11
Martin Yale gets 10-year tax abatement
By Joseph Slacian
Martin Yale Industries received a 10-year tax abatement from the Wabash City Council.
The abatement will be used to install new manufacturing equipment, Martin Yale President Greg German told the Wabash City Council on Monday, July 27.
The equipment is valued at more than $107,000, and the project was to add two new jobs at an hourly wage of $12.53 per hour, Keith Gillenwater, President and CEO of the Economic Development Group of Wabash County told Council members.
Posted on 2015 Aug 04
Access Youth Center heads Wabash City Alternative School
By Emma Rausch Joseph Slacian
The Access Youth Center (AYC) will now oversee Wabash High School’s alternative school program, according to Wabash City Schools Superintendent Jason Callahan.
“We’ve had alternative programming in the past but there’s always (difficulty) trying to find the right over site, the right people, the right program,” Callahan told The Paper of Wabash County. “It needs a lot of attention and it needs people who really can build relationships with kids and so we’ve had these programs for sometime, but it was just kind of an epiphany one day that the Access is the perfect organization to take this over. So we approached them and they were really excited about that.”
Posted on 2015 Aug 04
Heartland holds summer robotics camp
Local students Ariston Trusty (left) and Kyle Denniston watch as instructor Doug Shannon explains what to do with the robotic devices they working on during the summer robotics camp at Heartland Career Center. The camp was sponsored by Ivy Tech Community College. Photo by Adam Smith 
By Adam B. Smith
Wabash area students had the opportunity to experience robots firsthand last week at Heartland Career Center’s summer robotics camp.
The students, grades 10 through 12, designed and built robots able to do tasks such as carrying objects and playing soccer. While they worked from a VEX Robotics kit, electronics and computer technology instructor Doug Shannon said the students were able to make a few modifications outside of the instructions.
Kyle Denniston said he was interested right away when his dad showed him the flyer for the program included with his report card.
“Who wouldn’t want a robot?” he said.

Scenes from the Summer Robotics Camp sponsored by Ivy Tech Community College and Heartland Career Center.

Posted by The Paper of Wabash on Friday, July 31, 2015
Posted on 2015 Aug 04
Laketon sewer work nearly done
By Joseph Slacian
A project 11 years in the making is nearing completion.
Crews are expected to begin connecting homes in the Laketon Area Regional Sewer District to sewers sometime in August, officials from the Sewer District Board and the Wabash County Health Department told Wabash County Commissioners on Monday, July 27.
Once connected, the sewage will flow to the North Manchester sewage plant, which is better equipped to handle it than the current Laketon septic system.
“Laketon’s infrastructure was failing,” said Jennifer Scott, Environmental Health Specialist with the Wabash County Health Department. “Most of our small communities were hooked up, if they were lucky enough to have septic tanks, going straight to a tile. In this case, it involved a county tile, then it discharged into the Eel River.”
Posted on 2015 Aug 04
Governor seeks disaster declaration
By Joseph Slacian
Gov. Mike Pence announced Friday that he has asked U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Thomas Vilsack to issue a secretarial disaster declaration for Wabash County and 52 other counties around Indiana.
The move, requested in a letter dated July 28, cited crop damage and losses caused by flooding and excessive rain in the state since May 1.
In 50 counties, reported crop damage and losses have met or exceeded 30 percent of a crop, and three counties have experienced a significant number of damages and looses to multiple crops.
Posted on 2015 Aug 04

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