Turkey, hot dogs, & cows: Local kindergarteners have various tips to preparing Thanksgiving meal

By Mandy Mahan

Most adults who know their way around a kitchen know the proper way to prepare a turkey for Thanksgiving.

But what if you’re not that kitchen savvy? Who would you turn to for advice?

Metro North Elementary School students in Kami Ross’ kindergarten class offers these tips to preparing the annual Thanksgiving feast.

Alexa Wells

We go to the store and find a medium sized turkey.  Then we cook our turkey on the stove.  It takes 6 minutes.  We take the turkey to grandma and grandpa’s house for Thanksgiving.  We all sit at the table and eat mashed potatoes and turkey together.

Anna Dubois

My mom goes to Walmart to get our turkey. Find one that is 10 pounds.  Take the turkey back home. Then we wash our hands so we can get the turkey ready.  Put oil on it and put it in the oven.  I don’t know what temperature the oven is, but wait four minutes for it to cook.  Take it out of the oven. Mom cuts the turkey for all of the kids first. Then mom and dad get their turkey. We also eat peas, fruit and lots of stuff that I really like to eat.  It tastes so good! 

Arie Holley

Mimi and PawPaw took me somewhere to get the turkey and it was a very long trip.  I was really tired when we got home. We actually got two turkeys. One was white and the other one was tall with black feathers. They were real live turkeys. We got chickens, too!  We brought the turkeys and chickens home to grow bigger. When they got big enough, we drove back to that place that was really far away.  They got the turkeys ready for us to eat.  It took 2 days.  Then we went back to pick them up. We weren’t sure if the turkey would fit in our oven because it was so large!  

Ava Mills

My mom and I go to the farm. You have to look in the chicken coop for it.  You will need to take the turkey out of the chicken coop to take it home. You need to cook it in a pan. It needs to be a really big, round pan. I think it cooks for probably 7 minutes. We just eat plain turkey, don’t put anything on it!

Braxton Dillon

We get our turkey from Walmart. Look for the turkey that has snow (AKA frost) on it. It costs $10.  Take it home so you can cook it. Put some sugar on top of it and then put it in the oven. While it’s cooking, you can go watch TV.   Mom calls me when the turkey is done. We go to the kitchen and sit down.  When I get my plate, I usually put more sugar on the turkey to make it yummy. If the turkey is too hot, my mom will turn on the fan to cool it down.

Brogyn Stith

You get the turkey from a store. Get the kind with bones. It will cost about $10.  My mom usually pays for it but sometimes dad will pay the money.  When you get home, you put it on a plate. You can choose the microwave or the oven to cook it. Probably takes about 20 minutes. When it rings, take it out and eat it! We always take our turkey somewhere else, like grandma and grandma’s house or Mamaw’s house, to eat it. My dad loves to eat turkey with me!

Brooklynn Laferney

My mom and dad go to Kroger for our turkey. Find the one that cost $5. My dad pays for it and we take it home. My mom cooks it in the oven for 5 to 10 minutes. When it comes out of the oven, we all sit down and eat the turkey together.  

Emily Rice

We get our turkey from the woods. My brother sneaks out to the woods and hides in a little outhouse. When he sees the turkey, he shoots it. Then he grabs it. My dad takes the turkey to some guy to cook it and that guy cuts it, too. The best part is that we take the turkey to our grandma’s house to eat. Well, the real best part is that I get to play with my cousins.

Emma Steller

I think we get our turkey from Walmart. We get a big turkey! I think it costs about 10 money. Mom puts the turkey in a black pan. She puts some salt on it. That’s all I think she puts on it. Then she puts it in the oven. It cooks for a really long time. I color while it’s cooking. It dings when it’s done. It smells good! We all eat the turkey. It is yummy!

Gage Cook

My mom and I go to Walmart for our turkey. Go over by the food stuff to find the turkey. Look for the big one and put it in the shopping cart. Take it to where you pay for it. It cost 2 coins. Then we go home. My mom puts it in the oven for maybe like 60. We have to wait and wait. When it’s done, we pull it out of the oven. It is hot! Mom cuts it up. My mom and dad are the only ones that really eat the turkey, I don’t like it! I eat a hotdog instead.

Jazzlyn Henderson

We go to Walmart to get a turkey. My mom likes to get a certain brand. It cost five. We bring the turkey to our house. My mom and dad cook it in the oven. It takes about an hour. We eat potatoes and corn with the turkey. My whole family eats dinner with me. I like to play with my family!

Kaydence Jensen

We get a turkey from a store but it’s not really good yet. You get leaves (seasoning) and put sauce on it to make the turkey.  Then put it in the microwave for 10 minutes. Then you put it in the oven for ten minutes again. Use gloves to take it out of the oven. Then put the turkey on a plate and it’s time to eat it. It’s pretty cool!

Kaylin Longardner

Mom gets our turkey from the store. Get the brown and white turkey. It’s about this big. (Held hands way out wide!) It should cost $2. I help cook the turkey with my mom. We put it in the oven for 20 minutes on hot. When it’s done, I eat it with a fork. It tastes good. We like to eat salad with the turkey.

Madeleine Thompson

We go to Walmart to buy our turkey. It costs like $5, I think. You will need to find a small turkey because we only have four people in our family. A big turkey would have too much leftover.  Mommy and Daddy cook the turkey in the oven. They put a little bit of salt on it before they cook it. It has to cook on super hot for 5 seconds! We also eat crackers with our turkey. It’s yummy!

Malachi Bruning

A hunter shoots the turkey with a bow and arrow.  The hunter brings the turkey to us. The cooker puts it in the oven. The cooker...you know, the person that cooks for me. It’s my mom! The temperature needs to be at 5 and you cook it until 8:30. When you take it out of the oven, cut it up and take out the bones. Don’t eat the bones! That’s yucky. Then we eat it!

Noah Backer

Well, my turkey sits in the middle of the table and we put vegetables all around it. We have a big party. The table cloth has turkeys on it and you can color on it.  We buy the turkey at the store, Walmart.  Or we may hunt for it. My dad has a gun that he may use for shooting turkeys but we mostly just get it from WalMart. We put the turkey in the fridge. We take it out on Thanksgiving for dinner. My mom or dad will put the turkey in the oven. I don’t remember how long because I’m playing, not helping cook! When it’s ready, I have to pick up my toys before I can eat. Then I tell my parents what I want on my plate to eat with my turkey. `

Otto Case

Well, it comes from the woods. My dad shoots it because he is a good turkey hunter. Don’t forget to cut off the feathers because we don’t want to eat those. That’s just gross! The way we make it is to put it on the grill and leave it cooking for a while. We put a little salt and warm sauce on it while it is cooking.  We normally cut off a piece the size that I want to eat and then what we do is basically just eat it.  My whole family loves the turkey!

Riley Hawkins

Grandma makes our turkey. She puts the turkey in the oven for like 15 minutes. The temperature is set in the middle. She knows it’s done because she puts on the timer. Then she takes it out. She puts the turkey on a plate. Then she cuts it up. Then she puts the plate on the table. When we are at the table, we split the turkey so everyone gets some. We also eat corn with the turkey for Thanksgiving.  Then we eat it! The food tastes so GOOD!

Rylan Nieman

We get our turkey from Walmart. It is big and costs twenty. When you get home, put it in the frying pan. We fry it for sixty. When it’s done, it will turn brown. Then put it on the table. Mom cuts it and puts it on my plate. It tastes “thumbs up!”  

Skyler Slone

We haven’t gotten our turkey yet, but we will go to the store to get it. Some people go hunt for them in the woods, but we don’t do that. I look for the big, fat one at the food store or Walmart. Sometimes we get one turkey for everybody in my family. We go home and try to cook it a little bit in water. Don’t forget to wash it with soap first! Memaw cooks the turkey while I count to 100.  When it’s done, we eat it with a fork and a spoon and a plate. It is good!

Tristan Haupert

Kroger has the best turkeys.  I have 24 cousins, so we need a very, very big turkey!  It will cost $40. Grandma cooks the turkey for us. Our parents have to help my grandma cook since it’s a lot of food. The kids just get to play until the adults are done with the turkey and other stuff.  We have tons of other food to go with the turkey. My favorite is chicken! We have so many cousins, aunts, and uncles that come over so we eat in the garage. Grandpa sets up some tables for us to eat out there.  I love going to their house to play with my cousins and eat all of the food. 

Willow Foster

I don’t really like to eat turkey but I do like cows. There is meat in them and it’s good. McDonald’s has the best cow meat. We like to cook, but it’s better to just go to McDonald’s. Sometimes I’d rather eat pancakes and pigs. Pigs have meat in them, too. I also like to eat cookies!  We bake them at home and they are good.

Posted on 2020 Nov 24