County school nurses remain flexible during a pandemic

They all agree. “Our students are amazing, even the very youngest.”

Wabash County school nurses have been tasked as the gatekeepers for keeping students healthy, safe, and in school.

Working with administrators and stakeholders, each school district developed plans for re-opening. Guidance came from the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH), Indiana Department of Education (DOE), Wabash County Health Department (WCHD) and the CDC; however, each district had to determine the best plan for its students and situations.

The best laid plans during a pandemic, though, are fluid. M.A. Hire, Manchester Community School (MCS) nurse said, “It’s like being in the Hunger Games. The CDC and ISDH are the game changers.”

Beth Whitesel, health service coordinator for Metropolitan School District (MSD) said, “We developed a re-entry plan and revamped as we along.”

“I feel like we absolutely prepared the best we know how,” Wabash City Schools (WCS) nurse Char Kelsheimer said, “But you can’t be in a pandemic. We did our due diligence.”

Posted on 2020 Sep 22