'It will be missed' local resident looks back on summers at Indiana Beach

On Tuesday, Feb. 18, Indiana Beach amusement park in Monticello closed permanently after 94 years of operation.

For many, it is a sad day to see a longtime family fun spot go, but for Susan Garrett, this means saying goodbye to what seemed like her home away from home.

When she heard the news, her stomach dropped, she said. She immediately went into her storage to find photographs and reminisce on time well spent.

Garrett, who is now nearing 72 years of age, went to Indiana Beach for the first time when she was just 3 years old, and has been going for a week each summer since, staying in the same cabin, cabin number 9. Four generations of her family spent summers there, starting with her parents, Garrett and her siblings, Garrett’s two children, and then most recently, their children.

When she began visiting with her parents in 1951, the park was owned by the Spackman family and was mostly known for the ballroom overlooking which featured well known bands.

Posted on 2020 Feb 25