SES hosts robotics event

By Mandy Underwood

The second annual Southwood Elementary VEX IQ robotics competition took place on Saturday, Nov. 2 at Southwood High School.

Both gyms at SHS were filled with tables for each team, and fields set up for the challenges to take place.

Each four-foot by eight-foot field was filled with balls and cubes that the robots were to move and place, the goal being to score the most points.

Each ball placed inside of a cube was worth one point, each ball placed on top of a cube was worth two points, each cube placed in a corner goal was worth 10 points, and each cube placed on a platform was worth 20 points.

The day began with check in and inspection of robots at 8 a.m. followed by skills challenges, teamwork challenges, a lunch break, finals, and awards.

“At MSD, we are in our fourth year of robotics competitions,” Southwood Elementary principal, Philip Boone told The Paper of Wabash County.

“Throughout the day, we have action on all five fields going on. There are a couple different components to the competition. You have teamwork challenges, where two teams are working together to conquer the field. Also, there are skills challenges, where they can either drive the robot, or, like many teams, the robot can be coded to move on their own.”

All together there were 30 participating teams.

Awards given at this competition were Teamwork Challenge, state qualifier; Elementary Excellence, state qualifier; Jr. High Excellence, state qualifier; Design, non-state qualifier; and skills, non-state qualifier.

“[The excellence award] encompasses teamwork, attitude, the performance on the field,” said Boone.

“We say that that’s the top award that you can get, because people notice those things.”

Award recipients were:

Design Award, Leo Robotics B from Leo Elementary/Jr. High School.

Middle School Excellence Award, Leo Robotics A from Leo Elementary/Jr. High School.

Elementary School Excellence Awar, Gray Circuit Breakers from Southwood Elementary School.

Teamwork Champion Award, Plan B from Jay County Robotics, and Panthers from Northwood Middle School.

Robot Skills Champion Award, Plan B from Jay County Robotics.

Boone also pointed out that this competition would not be possible without the help of volunteers and sponsors.
“We are very blessed and very thankful by the support of our community and the parents and Southwood, Sharp Creek, and Metro North staff who are volunteering.”

State qualifiers will compete again in March. 

Posted on 2019 Nov 05