Rock Climbing Competition brings students together

Two Wabash students battle to touch the top first during a climbing competition at Unger Mountain on Saturday. Photo by David Brinson

By David Brinson

Last weekend, Southwood High School utilized its new rock wall and hosted the first Unger Mountain Climbing Competition for students across Wabash and Huntington counties.

The smack talk and seriousness usually seen at sporting matchups between rival schools was nowhere to be found Saturday. Instead, the students laughed, shook hands and yelled up tips to one another, like when a foothold was right there, just out of the climber’s eyesight.

“We’re competing, but it doesn’t feel like it,” Jabin Burnworth, a Manchester High School teacher and chaperone, said. “Everyone is having fun. Everyone is cheering each other on. It’s great.”

Twenty-three students of all ages came out to scale the 46-foot-high outdoor climbing wall known as Unger Mountain. There were representatives from Southwood, Northfield, Wabash, Manchester and Huntington North. All Saturday morning, students were zooming up the four paths, before floating back down to the ground on the new auto-belay system, only to rush back up again when their name was called.

Posted on 2019 May 21