VPA wraps up summer art camp

A pair of youngsters work on their art projects at the Visual and Performing Arts summer art camp. Photo by David Brinson

By David Brinson

The Honeywell Foundation’s Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) summer art camp has officially wrapped up another year. The results can best be seen in the pieces of work the children take home with them.

“One day, the kids had easels set up in the (Charley Creek) Gardens and you had to paint just what you see. So, we have 21 images of the same thing,” Teresa Galley, Honeywell’s Director of Education and Outreach, said. “But they are 21 totally different pictures.”

The VPA summer art program is a two-week course at the beginning of each summer which allows children, kindergarten to 12th grade, from across Wabash County, to meet one another and express themselves in creative ways.

Posted on 2018 Jun 19