Salute to Agriculture honors local family

The Cordes family was honored as the 2014 Farm Family of the Year at the fifth annual Salute to Agriculture. The family’s farm was selected for their farming practices, including the use of cover crops to grow blackberries. Photo by Emma Rausch

By Emma Rausch

The Wabash County Chamber of Commerce honored the Cordes family at the fifth annual Salute to Agriculture on March 24 as the 2014 Farm Family of the Year.

Locally known for growing blackberries, Kevin Cordes, his wife Peggy, son Jared, and daughter-in-law, Erica, of Cordes Farm, Inc. were nominated to receive the award for their advocacy of no-till and water conservation farming practices.

“I told Jay (Vandeburg) back when this process started in January that we never got into farming to receive any awards,” Kevin said in his acceptance speech. “We just try to do our best and do what’s right and be good stewards of the land, but we certainly do appreciate being recognized.”

Prior to presenting the family with the award, the chamber shared a video commemorating the family’s efforts, thoughts, and friend’s kind words.

“I think this honor is more so because of what my dad has accomplished and, to be a part of it, we feel very blessed,” Jared said in the short film.

Posted on 2015 Mar 31