Indy 500 riding mechanic's niece is Wabash resident
Charlie Metz makes his way around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with his riding mechanic, Harry Martin, next to him. Photo courtesy of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway
By Joseph Slacian
Harry Martin had a promising career at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
He was the riding mechanic in 1912 for Joe Dawson, whose National Motor Vehicle Company entry passed Ralph DePalma on the 198th lap of the race to go on an become the second winner in race history.
The following year, Martin was the riding mechanic for Charlie Metz, who piloted the Ideal Motor Car Company Stutz entry to a third place finish. 
Martin had dreams of entering the 1914 500 as driver. But tragically, those dreams were cut short in June 1913, when he was killed and his riding mechanic, Frank Agan, was critically injured in a testing accident at the famed two-and-one-half mile speedway.
Posted on 2016 May 24