Reenactment draws hundreds

Keesia Dacuba, an O.J. Neighbours third grade student dressed as a Navajo Native American, watches as the second grade students go by at the 29th annual 1800s Reenactment. O.J. Neighbours hosted the annual event on Thursday, Sept. 14. Photo by Emma Rausch

By Emma Rausch

Youth fur traders, blacksmiths and hunters spoke to locals about their wares at O.J. Neighbours Elementary School on Thursday, Sept. 14, at the 29th annual 1800s Re-enactment.

Children grades kindergarten through fourth grade gathered around teepees and in the school’s pioneer village to educate their friends and family on livelihood of pioneers and Native Americans.

O.J. students have been learning and preparing for the annual event since starting school in August, according to Danielle Miller, principal.

“As soon as school starts, we start preparing for reenactment,” Miller told The Paper of Wabash County. “They start researching, they start writing speeches and so I think the biggest thing (about the event) is just their excitement in sharing what they’ve learned and it’s truly performed.”

Posted on 2017 Sep 19