White’s is ‘Growing Teens for Life’

Groundskeeper Judy Bright arranges a potted plant in preparation for the grand opening of White’s Greenhouse and Garden Center on April 25. As part of the “Growing Teens for Life” initiative, the student-operated nursery will serve the community as a source of over 5,000 annual and seasonal flowers, herbs, and vegetables for purchase with an available pot arrangement option if desired. Photo by Emma Rausch

By Emma Rausch

Students at White’s Residential & Family Services are sporting green thumbs after the school announced its plans to incorporate a greenhouse into future programming.

White’s Greenhouse and Garden Center is a student-operated nursery business that is one dimension of a bigger initiative, according to Dee Gibson, White’s CEO.

“Every year, we have about 140 students who are 16-years-of-age and older come through our doors residentially in Wabash campus,” Gibson said in an interview with The Paper of Wabash County. “Many of those turn 18 and go into living an independent life. They don’t have a lot of family support so part of our goal, part of our challenge is and kind of the root or foundation of the greenhouse is that we prepare them for life.”

The Greenhouse Project will not only provide the community with a local source to purchase over 5,000 plants, including flowers and herbs, but it will serve “more importantly” as a source of learning for White’s students within the “Growing Teens for Life” initiative, Gibson said.

Posted on 2015 Apr 14