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If you wish to put a marriage announcement into 'the paper', please use the form to the left to fill out the required information. Simply click inside the form and enter the information asked. After all forms are filled, hit the "submit request" button at the bottom.

Wedding reports are printed as a courtesy and at the discretion of 'the paper' management and staff. Every effort will be given to print wedding reports in a timely fashion, however, as an ad-driven publication, ads always take precedence over other printed material. The only way to insure that a wedding report will be published on a specific date is to purchase advertising space. Otherwise, 'the paper' editorial staff will try to run wedding reports 2-4 weeks following receipt of completed information. Wedding reports may also be edited to make room for ads and other news.

Pictures are welcomed and may be picked up after publication. Either drop off your picture at our building at 606 N State Road 13 in Wabash, mail them to P.O. Box 603, Wabash, IN, 46992, or e-mail them to Please include which method you will send the picture in the appropriate box to the left along with a yes or a no.

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