SonRise Communications LLC offers rural internet services

by Emily Armentrout

Locally owned and operated, SonRise Communications LLC is a fairly new internet service provider out of rural Wabash, catering to surrounding rural areas, from Bippus to Disko, and heading to LaFontaine by the end of the month.

SonRise Communications is a wireless IP Internet provider that uses radio frequencies from their multiple facilities to transmit Internet to people who cannot get service otherwise. SonRise Communications Internet service allows their customers in rural areas to do more advanced things on the Internet beyond just checking your email. You can watch Netflix and Hulu. “Gamers really love our service. That is something I have heard a lot,” said owner Doug Brown.

Their client list is currently at just over 200 customers but it is growing. They have the capacity to have 2,000 customers and Brown says once they reach that number they will decide whether to expand or not. “Once you go beyond that number, I feel like we could lose some of that personal touch. We’ll have to make a decision when we get to that point I guess,” added Brown.

When asked what causes other internet providers difficulty in providing service to rural areas, Brown explained that fiber is expensive to put underground, so it is just too expensive to run it all over the area. Though SonRise Communication’s signal comes from fiber, they transmit their service via radio frequencies. In order to make sure their service will work for you, the Browns do a survey at your home. “The best way to know if our service will work for you is having us come out for a survey. We will not sell a service we cannot actually provide. You either can get service or you can’t, but I will not sell something I can’t actually provide,” explained Brown.

SonRise Communications currently has four different packages they offer, based on availability. All packages require installation of equipment but for a limited time, the installation fee is waived. Also, SonRise Communications does not require a contract for their service, unlike most internet providers.

“It is important for people to know that we were born and raised here. We aren’t going anywhere. This is our home and we know what it is like to not be able to get service. We have been able to do a lot of things to get people service that other companies wouldn’t even try. We want to not only sell the service but to give the community quality service,” said Brown.

If you are interested in contacting SonRise Communications for a survey or if you have questions, you can call Doug or Karin Brown at 260-563-0826.

Posted on 2013 Aug 13