Old Kettle Saloon under new ownership

by Emily Armentrout

Harry and Judy Kilmer recently took over ownership of the Old Kettle Saloon, which will become Harry’s Old Kettle Saloon. The name isn’t the only thing that is undergoing some remodeling.

Kilmers are going to add a kitchen so they can start serving food beyond normal bar snack food. They will eventually have hamburgers, wings and other foods after Harry is finished adding the kitchen. “We are doing all this as soon as possible but we are not closing down the bar during the remodel,” said Harry. 

Other changes that are coming will include the addition of more televisions so people can view more things while at the bar. “I’ve had people asking about watching soccer. We have people come in to watch NASCAR and we’re hoping to draw a bigger football crowd with the additional TVs,” said Harry. 

They will remove the pool table area to add more tables and TVs. They are also going to replace the bar top, and remodel the back of the bar to illuminate the liquor, and lighten the place up a bit. Though the setting may change a bit, Harry and Judy agree that they want the Kettle to be better and keep drawing crowds. “It’ll be the Kettle 2.0,” added Harry.

“I’ve always felt welcome and safe coming here. The Kettle has had a reputation from way back. We don’t want to change that. I’ve never seen any problems in here. It’s nice and safe. The group of people that come here are great. It’s a good mix,” added Judy.

Harry’s Old Kettle Saloon also has extended hours. They are now open seven days a week. They open everyday except Saturday at 11 a.m. and don’t close until at least 9 p.m. depending on the day.

Posted on 2013 Jul 08