Aquaponic, organic greenhouse open in Peru

by Kerri Boggs

Green River Greenhouse, located at 1140 W 300 N, Peru, is owned by Cory Rairigh and Noble Gilbreath. They started building May 9, 2012. The greenhouse uses aquaponics to grow their produce and raise their fish.

Aquaponics is a mix between aquaculture and hydroponics. They have two tanks that, combined, can hold up to 30,000 fish. Each tank currently holds around 7,500 Tilapia.

Green River Greenhouse uses the water from the fish tanks to provide nutrients to the plants. The water is then recycled back into the fish tanks and the process repeats.

Green River Greenhouse is located on over 47 acres of previously wooded land. It has been untouched by chemicals and pesticides. The land is a work in progress. Rairigh wants to landscape and get their fruit trees planted. Rairigh is the designer of the greenhouse. It is it’s own complete eco system, with two beehives, ladybugs, tree frogs and geckos.

“The greenhouse can grow ten times as much as it would if it were regular farm ground in the same space. The greenhouse uses one tenth of the water a normal greenhouse would use,” said Rairigh.

There are two wood burners for heat in the winter. They can produce all year round.

They hope to cater to local restaurants and local markets. The greenhouse will have roadside stands set up in the near future. Boondocks in Peru was one of their first customers. They serve their certified, organic lettuce in special salads.

Green River Greenhouse will offer different types of tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and peppers, all grown indoors and certified organic. Along with fresh herbs including Basil, Cilantro and Dill, all grown chemical and pesticide free.

Green River Greenhouse sells their farm raised Tilapia live and unprocessed. Rairigh said eventually they want to be able to have a place to process and sell their fish.

In addition to the indoor greenhouse, they have also planted sweet corn, zucchini, green beans, cucumbers, onions and carrots outside and it is also grown organically and chemical free. The greenhouse also planted over 150 bushes of berries and has fruit trees, in hopes of one day having a nature walk available for families to pick their own fresh fruit.

For ordering information and availability, please call Cory at 765-475-3435.

Posted on 2013 Jun 17