Wabash County Quilt Trail begins

On Sunday, April 28, one of the first Barn Quilts to be part of the Wabash County Quilt Trail was installed at the farm of Phil & Robin Dale. The Dale farm is located at 2575 W 700 N. in Wabash County. The Barn Quilt can be seen very easily from 300 W., just north of Highway 16 and can also be seen while traveling east on Highway 16.

Phil’s Grandparents, Lewis and Mable Dale owned the farm from 1941 until 1963. Then in 1985 Phil was able to purchase the farm and bring it back into the Dale family. The barn the quilt was hung on is over 100 years old.

Brothers, Kurt and Kent Mullett who are owners of Barn Quilts of Wabash County, made the quilt for the Dale’s. Kurt would like to express his appreciation to both Phil and Robin for choosing Barn Quilts of Wabash County as the ones to make their Barn Quilt. "We are extremely excited to have made this quilt for Phil and Robin, we hope they enjoy their Barn Quilt of Wabash County for many years to come. The colors they chose for their Barn Quilt look absolutely beautiful against their 100 year old barn".

Once the quilt was hung, Robin was asked what she thought about it. "I absolutely love it, it looks perfect on our barn and I can't wait to see the sun shining on it, I just love it!"

The Dale's would like to personally extend a big thank you to their neighbor, Gary Friermood, who played a big part in the installation of the Barn Quilt. "I would of never been able to hang this Barn Quilt without Gary's help" said Phil. "So Thank you Gary!"

With the installation of this Barn Quilt and with quite a few more being made right now and soon to be installed. Both the Dales' and the Mullett brothers hope that they have played a small part in a new tradition for Wabash County. One that will not only give the residents of our county great enjoyment, but will also help in attracting visitors to Wabash County to experience the beauty of the Barn Quilts and also the beauty and history that our great County has to offer.

If you are interested in being part of the Wabash County Quilt Trail. Please contact Mr. Cameron Huffman at 765-833-9231.

Posted on 2013 Apr 30