Wabash County Wrestling Club

by Gary Andrews

The Wabash County Wrestling Club held it’s sixth Annual HYWAY Folkstyle Wrestling tournament at Northfield High School this past Sunday. 

There were a little over 200 participants in the tournament from many different clubs and schools.  Wabash County was well represented as there were 38 participants from our club competing in the tournament with half of the participants finishing in the top two.

Finishing fourth for the club was Blayne Powell, Brayden Sweet, Darren Kuhl, Ethan Kocher, Ethan Bruce, Logan Carey, Yanick Florin, Ben Snyder and Kamron Honeycutt. 

Earning a third place medal was Aden Eads, Grayson Harner, Isaac King, Jared Holmes, Jaxon Barnett, Logan Walters, Mason Osborn, Matt Carey, Sam Green and Zac Gunter. 

Earning second place medals were Brayden Sickafus, Dillion Osborn, Drayson Pace, Ethan Higgins, Grant Warmuth, Hunter Jones, Kody Stumbaugh and Logan Cox. 

The Champions for the club were Ashton Good, Braden Brooks, Drew Clark, Dylan Stroud, Izaak Pennington, Jared Brooks, Kaden Rody, Keaton Fields, Trent Osborn and Tyler Miller.

Posted on 2013 Mar 12